Holy Hestia, we’re on Patreon!

Well, look at us. Having set up this blog a year and a half ago with the intentions of having fun and sharing our newly rediscovered love of anime, just a few months in we started to notice that you, our readers, saw us a little differently. From our news updates to our most personal thoughts on the shows we love, you were responding on such intelligent and compassionate levels that it’s taken us aback many a time since. As much as we wanted littleanimeblog to be a success, you’ve shown us more support than we could have hoped for. Your posts alone inspire us to keep writing, even as you yourselves urge us to keep doing what we do. And as tough as motivating ourselves was at points in those early weeks, more than anything else, giving up now would mean cutting ties with all of you. To thank you, we want to keep bringing more to the blog, adding even more meaningful ways for you to get involved.


With that in mind, we’ve decided to set up a Patreon, where you can pledge as little or as much as you’d like in support of the blog and its ongoing expansion. Instead of assaulting your eyes with ads, we’d much rather put more creative control in the hands of the people who really matter (psst, that’s you). We hope to bring you interviews with fellow anime fans who impress us with their creations, do some proper events coverage to show some much-needed love to our Events page, and branch out into high-quality video reviews so we can bore you with our opinions in real time. Eventually, we’d love to be able to pay guest writers and contributors. I mean, let’s go a bit wild here. In time, we could even stick our chibi-mushes on some merch! God knows who would want it, but the point is, we could make it happen with your help.

For all the perks and goals, check out our Patreon page.

10 Comments on Holy Hestia, we’re on Patreon!

  1. That sounds pretty awesome. You do give us great content. I do hear Patreon is a good way to get money and pledges without having to deal with ads. Sounds awesome. Is signing up to be a creator free?

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  2. Congratulations and good luck with this new step in your blog. I have seriously enjoyed reading your posts throughout the past few months. All I can say is, keep up the absolutely fantastic work that you are doing 😊😊

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  3. Wishing you luck.

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  4. Wishing you the best of luck! I hope to do this also at some point! 😀

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