They’ve done it! Crunchyroll have surpassed one million paid members, and that’s not including over 20 million registered users. In their official press release the superstar streamers say they saw a record growth in 2016, charting a 36% rise in paying subscribers over the last 12 months alone. To celebrate their achievement, they’ve announced giveaways throughout the week of February 13th, plus their very own convention.

Starting from Monday and continuing every day until the 19th, “a collection of swag from various Crunchyroll friends” will be up for grabs. There’s also a tech bundle including a 4K television, gaming console and streaming device, plus one lucky Premium member and a guest can win a trip to Japan, all expenses paid.

As for that convention, say hello to the Crunchyroll Expo. With speakers, vendors, famous faces and all you’d want from a con, Crunchyroll also say to expect “a forward-thinking view of where anime is heading and what they should expect in upcoming years”. As Yuri!!! on ICE is the one anime mentioned by name in their press release and special message to fans, that surely gives some insight into what those forward-thinking views entail. More YOI-style empowerment, please!

The expo will take place in Santa Clara, California this year, and for further details and ticket info, just hop over to the Crunchyroll Expo website. For now, over here in the UK, we’re still very excited for how Crunchyroll will continue to grow from here on out.

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