Weekly round-up

This first full week of February has certainly been one full of love. Whether it was news and features on anime we adore, or appreciating all your support thus far with our arrival on Patreon, we’ve been feeling those sweet springy feelings set in. For all the goings on with our blog, plus wonderful pieces from you, just read on and start your weekend with a smile.

Attack on Titan season 2 announces air date, theme song performers

Attack on Titan season 2 has at last broken through with a return date, and it’s proving to be a whole season of returns, since the theme performers have been announced too. Guess who!

Hideaki Anno at work on next project

At the Kinema Jumpo awards on Sunday, Shin Godzilla producer Akihiro Yamauchi had a brief update on what director Anno has been getting up to in his absence.

Crunchyroll celebrates 1 million paid subscribers with own convention, prize giveaways

They’ve done it! Crunchyroll have surpassed one million paid members! To celebrate their achievement, they’ve announced giveaways throughout the week of February 13th, plus their very own convention. We’re pretty sure Yuri!!! on ICE had a big hand in this, so why not reminisce on what made the show so special with our little retrospective round-up.

Girls baseball manga Karin no Mound hits a home run with readers

It’s a hit out of the park for representing women in sports, as this web manga has overcome all odds by drawing over 300,000 readers.

Because we’re both girls: Scum’s Wish, first love and finding solace in yuri

In this week’s feature, I go deep with the heartbreak and regret of Scum’s Wish, and how the series has become a comfort in remembering my first love with a girl.

Holy Hestia, we’re on Patreon!

And as the final update from us this week, we’ve announced our Patreon debut! Thank you all for supporting us this far. We’d really appreciate it if you’d consider making the step up from precious reader to precious patron.

With that, here’s what we’ve been reading this week – told you we’d be back! We’ve been so impressed with the quality and diversity of pieces you’ve been putting out this week, so well done to everyone we’ve tagged below.

JAPANime Talks – How to Do a Major Comeback After a Long Blogging Vacation – We all have our creative slumps, and no blogger is immune to lack of motivation. But to get back into the swing of things after a break, Ma. Venus Gamboa put together a sweet list of suggestions on how to make your blogging comeback. Definitely one to have bookmarked for the next time you feel the fandom fatigue setting in.

I Have a Heroine Problem – My Tsundere Life – Caitlin shares the story of how coming across the tsundere stereotype was actually her first experience of being able to relate to a female character. As someone who often relates to moe myself, I can understand the frustrations that come from supporting characters based on a derivative type. But for any girl who’s been tarred with the uncute, angry woman brush, this is a super-positive read.

Matt Doyle Media – Anime Review: Keijo!!!!!!!! – Some of the best reviews are the ones that help you see a work in a different light, where you might have dismissed it before. Matt’s high-spirited review of Keijo!!!!!!!! is pretty darn infectious, and shows us that the joy of the series was in its blatant silliness. All I can say is, thank goodness it wasn’t expecting us to take Vacuum Butt Cannons seriously.

Beneath the Tangles – What Can a Succubus Teach Us About Chastity? – Let’s throw in a wild card with Dr. Steve’s analysis of Interviews with Monster Girls, and how it can teach us to cherish love and lust through the anxieties of a reluctant succubus. After all, sexuality is a tricky thing your whole life through, not just as a teen, and it’s a confusing world out there. We can always do with a kind reminder that we’ll work it out, and there’s someone out there who’ll respect how you express your love.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero – Melanin Monday: My Top 5 Favorite Black Female Anime Characters – Finally, pokeninja marks the beginning of Black History Month with a list of kick-ass characters of colour who just don’t quit. We love how empowered they all are, and pokeninja beautifully highlights their unique strengths through those all-important flaws. She’s got one of our favourites in there (Nadia! Nadia!) so you should head over for yourself and see if your best black girl’s on the bill.

That’s it from us, but we’ll be back soon. For now, happy Saturday, and be lovely to each other.

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  1. Excellent! Thank you kindly for the mention. Keijo!!!!!!!! was a big surprise for, as I expected to really dislike the thing, so it’s good to see the review getting a look-in 🙂

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