There were twitterings about a new Shaman King anime, and it seemed like it would go ahead, but now it appears it was not to be. Yesterday, the manga’s creator Hiroyuki Takei logged into Twitter to let fans know he turned down the chance in the end. His reasons were being unable to use the original anime’s voice actors or music, but he added that he’ll keep hoping for another opportunity.

To be honest there were serious discussions on an anime remake, but… since we couldn’t use the voice actors and music from the original work, I declined. Still, it would be nice to have another chance.

– translation via Anime News Network

As fans of Shaman King ourselves, we were a little sad to hear this. But at least we can always go back to the first anime adaptation. It aired for 64 episodes between 2001-2002, with 4Kids licensing the series for the US in 2003. This came after the original manga launched in Weekly Shonen Jump in 1998, where it would abruptly end in 2004. Thankfully, it was given closure with the “true ending” revealed with a reprinting of the manga in 2009. Takei went on to create a series of shorts titled Shaman King 0 for Jump X in 2011. He then published the sequel series Shaman King Flowers in the same magazine from 2012 to 2014.

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This was a real pity, I’d have loved seeing this either remastered or remaked with brighter artwork and less fillers.
Oh well, in the end it is his choice. He might sing a new tune in a few years, just like Naoko did with sailor moon :’D

The Otaku Judge

I don’t see the harm in having a show with new vocal talent. I guess he is very loyal to the old cast because turning down this opportunity will mean missing out on a ton of cash.


That’s very disappointing. Shaman King was my first anime and I would have loved for a remake.


That stinks. Still, I guess he wants to satisfy the fans but things are difficult. I remember a little bit of the 4kids version. If only America can re-release and make it uncut like the One Piece anime.