Update: Crunchyroll’s dub stream of Gintama adds more episodes

Earlier this month, season three of Gintama started streaming dubbed on Crunchyroll, and now a further 12 episodes are available as per their promise to add more of the dub each Wednesday in February. Thanks to the service’s ongoing streaming partnership with FUNimation, episodes from 266-304 are up right now for all Crunchyroll members outside of Asia.

This is the first time any of the Gintama TV anime has been available dubbed, and its voice cast stars, as follows:

Michael Daingerfield (InuYasha: The Final Act‘s Sesshoumaru) as Gintoki Sakata
Cole Howard (Kingdom‘s Xin) as Shinpachi Shimura
Jocelyne Loewen (Nurse Witch Komugi‘s Komugi Nakahara / Magical Nurse Komugi) as Kagura
Janyse Jaud (Cybersix‘s Lori Anderson) as Tae Shimura
Matt Ellis as Kotaro Katsura
Michael Adamthwaite (Boys Over Flowers‘ Tsukasa Domyoji) as Toshiro Hijikata
Vincent Tong (Death Note‘s Tota Matsuda) as Sogo Okita
Jason Simpson (Tetsujin 28th‘s Chief Chloroform) as Isao Kondo
Adrian Petriw (Beyblade Burst‘s Shu Kurenai) as Sagaru Yamazaki
Marlie Collins as Tsukuyo
Andrew Francis (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time‘s Chiaki Mamiya) as Tatsuma Sakamoto
Chantal Strand (Mobile Suit Gundam 00‘s Feldt Grace) as Tama
Advah Soudak as Yagyu Kyubei

In July, Crunchyroll announced plans to dub and release their streaming titles, including Gintama, on Blu-ray and DVD. Part of their agreement with FUNimation involved the established anime distributors handling Crunchyroll’s home video releases. However, it’s yet to be announced whether FUNimation will release Gintama.

With the manga now in its final arc having been ongoing since 2004, the latest input from creator Hideaki Sorachi was that it would come to an end this year, if not in 2016. The first anime adaptation premiered in 2006 and continued, albeit with several hiatuses, until 2013. A new Gintama anime premiered in January, with Crunchyroll streaming it as it airs, and a live-action movie based on the manga will open in Japan this July.

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  1. I heard about this, this sounds awesome. This may make me want to try out the anime.

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