It seems Scum’s Wish has been getting viewers hot under the collar in more ways than one, as Japan’s Broadcasting Ethics and Programme Improvement Organisation (BPO) has been receiving some complaints about “extreme kissing” in a late-night anime. While the specific anime isn’t named and shamed, the key suspect is the second episode’s scene between Mugi and Hanabi, and this is still more likely in light of the full complaint.

It reads: “There was an extreme kiss scene with high school students in a television anime. It was a late-night time slot, but it’s not the kind of content to broadcast on a regular airborne signal that anyone can easily view.” If there’s anything Scum’s Wish has been widely recognised for, it’s the unsettling, heartbreaking realism and brutal honesty of its kiss scenes.

Viewer issue aside, the BPO cannot directly influence any content set to be shown on Japanese TV, though they can present such complaints to lawmakers. Other anime criticisms fielded by the organisation have ranged from “suggestive banana-eating” in Yo-Kai Watch, to a masturbation scene in the also-late-night anime Osomatsu-san. Offenses taken go all the way up to sushi being eaten off a censored, though presumed nude woman’s body in Detective Conan, in the real – though rare and rather misogynistic – practice of Nyaitomori. Makes you wonder just how many BPO staff get their anime recommendations through their day job, doesn’t it?

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[…] I recently read from an article by Elizabeth up at Little Anime Blog that this show has been under some hot water for its supposedly “extreme” depictions […]



Oh dear, someone think of the children.

No, really, we have movies going wild with graphic murder and explosions and all kinds of ‘extreme’ stuff and that’s all fine and dandy but a kiss with tongue? Heaven forbid. Why are people so determined to demonize sex?


Dear God, no one blinks an eye when there’s terrible violence and gore being depicted yet everyone loses their **** when there’s “extreme” kissing involved… Not that I have anything against either but at least be consistent in your susceptibilities.
Great post!


Well, I was a bit surprised with some scenes in Kuzu no Honkai, but in a positive way 🙂 I was more like “wow, finally some normal daily scenes from a love life of a couple in an anime….refreshing…” but I guess it’s “too much” for them. Makes you wonder who works BPO 🙂


I’m honestly not surprised. It’s more likely than not the depiction of homosexuality than the explicit depictiom of sexual themes. The BPO would be setting double standards if it insists on extreme themes for an anime when there is so much blatant sexual themes in their love action shows.


Oh bloody sausage fingers. *LIVE* action, not “love” action, haha.