Update: FUNimation slate Seven Deadly Sins and Free! Iwatobi Swim Club for May

FUNimation recently announced two anime acquisition biggies, which should also mean they’ll soon be along in the UK through Anime Limited. First, they revealed the anime adaptation of Nakaba Suzuki’s Seven Deadly Sins, announcing Free! Iwatobi Swim Club shortly after.

However, the original plan for Free! in July has been bumped forward. FUNimation have now announced that Iwatobi Swim Club and Seven Deadly Sins will both be released in May, along with Gosick, the live-action Black Butler movie and more. We had Free! Eternal Summer towards the end of last year, so for us, it’s great to hear we’ll be getting the first season so close to summertime.

We also know we can look forward to a new TV series for Seven Deadly Sins at some point soon. For now though, details here are sparse, save for a short commercial and a confirmation that it will be based on Suzuki’s manga.

As for more Free! news, Kyoto Animation revealed that the Iwatobi Swim Club anime is getting its own novel adaptation in June. It will include new side-stories, and original illustrations drawn by the anime’s character designer Futoshi Nishiya. Masahiro Yokotani, who wrote and supervised scripts for the anime, is also on board to write. The latest update on the anime side was that our sweet swimming boys would star in a “new screen project“. There’s a stage event slated for March, so it seems there’s a good chance of more details then. But while you wait, why not check out our poem honouring the dream team?

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  1. I am totally looking forward to Seven Deadly Sins. I heard this anime was really good.

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