Weekly round-up

Greetings, friends and readers! Even with Valentine’s Day behind us, it’s time to show some love from the aniblogging world in another weekly round-up. Read on for all the latest news and updates on our blog, as well the outstanding pieces you lot have been writing lately.

Knighted manga artist Jiro Taniguchi passes away

Jiro Taniguchi, the award-winning creator of The Times of BotchanThe Walking Man and Kodoku no Gourmet, has sadly died.

Shaman King mangaka turned down new anime

There were twitterings about a new Shaman King anime, and it seemed like it would go ahead, but now it appears it was not to be.

Scum’s Wish inflames complaints of “extreme kissing”

It seems Scum’s Wish has been getting viewers hot under the collar in more ways than one. Japan’s BPO has been receiving some complaints about the show’s “extreme kissing”.

Duffer Brothers: Stranger Things was influenced by Elfen Lied

Any Stranger Things fans out there? With the season two hype in for the long haul, The Daily Beast caught up with creators The Duffer Brothers to discuss the show’s early production process, including its anime inspirations.

Latest lists ‘n’ things – The look of love: anime’s wonderful couples

We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a list appreciating not only romance, but family, friendship and recovery from loss.

Fresh feature – The new punks: updating the sci-fi of Ghost in the Shell

Dominic explores how the meaning of Ghost in the Shell has changed since the 90s, from the state of humanity in a technological world, to that of technology in a human world.

Holy Hestia, we’re on Patreon!

We recently made our Patreon debut, so please consider becoming a patron. To thank you for all your support so far, we’d love to give some back by putting more creative control in your hands. As little as $1 a month would be a big help towards that, as well as building our site.

Now, on to what we’ve been reading. I’ve been especially excited by all the heartfelt discussion of Scum’s Wish I’ve seen going around. But it seems you folks have been just as fascinated with Ghost in the Shell and tech’s impact on reality as we have been this week too! So, let’s get right to your pieces.

Thoughts That Move – A modern contextualization of Serial Experiments Lain – This intriguing piece dives into how Lain predicted the rise of the online facade, another case of anime creating reality. It also makes some affecting points about how we lose the human touch in our relationships, like Lain, lost in the artificially stabilising, souring force of the Wired.

Wave Motion Cannon – Weekly Motion Cannon: Scum’s Wish Episode 4 – I’m not normally one for engaging in episode reviews, but Scum’s Wish and the aniblogging community’s responses to it have taken hold of me. Here, the collected opinions of the writers at Wave Motion Cannon made me completely rethink the purpose of the supposed villain the show set up in episode 4.

Schizoidmouse Squeaks – Kuzu no Honkai and Modern Anime Sexuality – And here’s another brilliant opinion piece on Scum’s Wish, discussing the series’ brutal sexuality. It’s been pretty amazing to read so many different takes on Ecchan’s unrequited love for Hanabi, especially in light of my own experiences of a similar relationship.

Two Happy Cats – The Real Issue With Hollywood & ‘Ghost in the Shell’ – Last of all, our friend Stephanie has valiantly tackled the backlash-against-the-backlash against the whitewashing of Ghost in the Shell. Phew! She goes over the most prevalent arguments that claim the Hollywood movie isn’t prejudiced against people of colour, running down the reasons why these defences are problematic in themselves.

Once again, that’s all from us for another week. But until next time, hope you have great weekends, and keep that wonderful writing coming!

2 Comments on Weekly round-up

  1. I remember the Shaman King news, that really stinks. I heard about you guys get patreon. I am thinking about doing for my blog.

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  2. Thank you for the feature, I really appreciate it. To be honest I was a little nervous about writing about the topic, but it was something I felt really strongly about, and now I’m glad I did 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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