Weekly round-up

Welcome, one and all, to another weekly round-up! As usual, we’ll be bringing you up to date on all the need-to-know news from the anime world. But we’ll also be dishing all the new happenings on and around our blog, including the excellent work you’ve been posting like wildfire. For all this as the perfect, informative start to your weekend, just read on. 

Man arrested for death threats against Naruto seiyu Nana Mizuki

A man who allegedly threatened Nana Mizuki was arrested on Monday. Glad to know she’s safe, we’re now wishing her all the best on her current tour.

Oldest anime streamed to celebrate industry’s centenary

To wish a happy 100th to Japan’s oldest animated films, Tokyo’s National Museum of Modern Art opened a website collecting 64 national treasures, all English-subbed.

Hayao Miyazaki may already be producing new feature film

Speaking of anime treasures, there’s been a recent update on Hayao Miyazaki’s progress with his new hand-drawn feature film. We’re so excited to see him back on the movie making horse.

Boruto anime adds more cast, staff and premiere date

Weekly Shonen Jump will soon be revealing more details for the new era of the Naruto anime. It’s set to be a spring premiere for the springtime of Boruto’s life!

AI could soon replace humans in anime studios

And for the last of our news, AI-created anime could be a reality in the foreseeable future. But in a world where the virtual is holding greater sway on our day to day, does this idea really come as a shock?

Fresh feature – Classics corner

This week’s feature is a new section we’ve added to our blog, where we’ll be posting regular reviews of classic anime. We started it off with a bloody bang, so horror fans, make sure you click through for our thoughts on the splatterpunk fairytale Elfen Lied.

Latest lists ‘n’ things – What women want: a shojo manga study?

I’ve had an idea. I want to carry out a personal study of shojo, exploring where its heroines have shaped my self-image and desires. Just click the jump for more details, and if you want in, join us on Patreon, as all my posts for this project will be exclusive to our patrons.

Holy Hestia, we’re on Patreon!

While we’re on the subject, you might already know that we recently made our Patreon debut. If you’d consider becoming a patron, we’d really appreciate it. To thank you for all your support so far, we’d love to give some back by putting more creative control in your hands. As little as $1 a month would be a big help towards that, as well as building our site.

Onwards, to what we’ve been reading this week! We recently discovered a few new blogs we love, so this feature goes double for celebrating your wonderful work, and recommending some writers you should definitely check out. Here we go!

Otaku Lounge – Top 5 Feel-Good Anime – We love a good top five list, as well you might know by now, and one of our new favourite blogs has a doozy here. Sink into the weekend with some laid-back treasures to soothe away all the strains of your week. Artemis may be on hiatus for now, but we look forward to their return, and wish them luck while they’re work in Thailand.

Seasonal Prattle – Some Anime Critics Become Ridiculously Popular, But Why Not You? – Here’s another blog that’s well worth your attention. A big reason why is Prattle’s series of crystal clear guides to successful blogging. This one’s the latest, but a couple more posts we recommend are her advice on critiquing anime when suffering from writer’s block, and The 3-Step Tour of an Outstanding Piece of Anime Content.

Fantastic Memes – Seiren is a very romantic show – We’re cool with some late Valentine’s love, right? Because Frog-kun sweeps one off its feet with a look at Scum’s Wish‘s twin in realistic teen romance. He proves it’s not a show to be undermined in its artful, naive sensuality. But also, BONERS! Do we have your attention now?

ARCHI-ANIME – 100th Post Hiatus – This one we wanted in for the sheer joy of Zel’s chucklesome little nendoroid plays. But also, it gives us the opportunity to say a big littleanimeblog congratulations and celebrations to our fellow anibloggers celebrating a milestone. We know there’s a fair few of you out there, so whoever you are, keep up the good work!

That’s it from us for another week, so off you go! Enjoy your weekends, whatever you may be doing, and keep those brilliant blogs coming. We look forward to reading them all next week.

4 Comments on Weekly round-up

  1. OMG yayy a pingback! I’m flattered I made it to your roundup! I’m actually continuing the nendo figures in a manga format in a blog series called “nendoroid nook”! I made my first attempt at this format this week, but think it’ll be something I from now on! I’m glad they have yet u so much joy! Because it’s a joy creatinng the stories and capturing the photos!! Thanks again so so so much!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Elisabeth O'Neill // February 25, 2017 at 2:35 pm // Reply

      Aww, you’re welcome! Yeah I’ve seen that, so funny, I’m glad you want it to be a regular part of your blog. Long may it continue 😊 Sugawara is my favourite of the Haikyu boys, so I was happy to see him join in. He’s so gosh darn sweet and dependable! Squee!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m happy my piece was good enough to make your list! Thanks for taking the time out to read it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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