It’s official, Anime Limited will be bringing A Silent Voice to cinemas across the UK and Ireland in March. A website has been launched where you can find your nearest screening, as well as book tickets and find specific scheduling info for each cinema. An exclusive English trailer has also been unveiled, which reveals screening dates for March 15th and 17th.

Anime Limited have confirmed further details about the screening dates set in stone, and the possibility of an extended theatrical run. Following the main March 15th screenings, “further select cinemas” will show the film “from Friday March 17th, and the film will be screening in Showcase Cinemas, PictureHouse, ODEON, VUE, Cineworld and other independent locations in UK and Ireland”.

As for potential further dates, the distributors said, “This will depend on the demand to see the film based on how well it performs on 15th March and the select cinemas on 17th March”. The film will only be screened subtitled, as a dub is yet to be recorded.


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Thanks for sharing! I’m going to see it with my sister.😁 The annoying thing about living in the UK is there is barely anything anime related and it seems like we are always the last to know about everything, so I must take this opportunity!😆

Elisabeth O'Neill

Aw that’s sweet, hope you both enjoy it 😊 Yeah I know, and then even depending on where you are in the country it can be even more difficult to get to see these things. Definitely have to grab the chances as they come.


Almost the same as the above comments: I want this to come to Holand 😀

Elisabeth O'Neill

How is anime distribution where you are? Hopefully it gets to you one way or another 😜


^ Same as commenter above. I really want this to come to the US!

Elisabeth O'Neill

Haha, I hope you both get to see it before too long!

Kendra Ressler

I wish it would come to the US. After reading the manga on crunchyroll I really want to see how the characters are portrayed in the movie.