Welcome back to our weekly round-up, where we set you up for the weekend with a look back at this week’s best bits. That includes headlines from anime land, new stuff around our blog, and the pieces we most enjoyed reading from you guys. For all this, plus a very special guest piece, just keep on scrolling.

Viz confirms no new season of Tokyo Ghoul

Just in case any of you were still holding on to false hope, VIZ Media have put out an official statement that their senior director misspoke when questioned about new anime releases.

Love Live! Sunshine!! season 2 splashes down this fall

From anime that aren’t happening yet, to shows that definitely are. Our sunshine girls will be back soon, after Hell Girl re-materialises this summer.

New BTOOOM! anime depends on app success

And from there, to anime that might go ahead, with a bit of luck. Before this week’s launch of smart phone game BTOOOM! Online, developer Masato Hayashi hit fans with a promising pledge.

Teaser for Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry confirms manga’s end is near

The upcoming Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry film has released its first teaser trailer. Within it, there’s an announcement that Hiro Mashima’s manga is into the “final arc” as it flies off “towards the climax”.

Japan launches moe campaign to combat climate change

Moe into Saturday with this sweet bit of news. To educate the youngsters of Japan about climate change, the country’s Ministry of Environment are employing two, too-cute girls.

What was that about moe? – Writing for Anime Feminist


That segue. I’m now a contributor at AniFem, and couldn’t be prouder. Just hit the jump to check out my piece on moe, femininity and being your own hero.

Fresh feature – Impact trinity: Misa and fan culture in Death Note

Last of all from us, this week we took another look at Misa Misa, and how she represents and embodies the impacts of fan culture.

Now, over to you for the lovely stuff you’ve been writing lately. Here’s what we enjoyed reading this week, and recommend you check out on the double!

Cain S. Latrani – Monday Anime: Elfen Lied – This cured our case of the Mondays tout suite! Our regulars will already know we love Elfen Lied, but here Cain expands on a thread we merely squeezed into our classics corner review. They explore the themes of discrimination that make up Lucy’s very being, and make an excellent point that in this horror show, nudity isn’t just nudity, or violence just violence.

LEAFさんの夢が。。。-  Why We Should Appreciate Otome Game Heroines – Yes, yes we should. And that goes for all fragile heroines. Leafy makes a case for not hating on otome leads, even when they show weakness or act in any way we feel they shouldn’t. After all, don’t they somehow reflect some point in our own lives when we were so lost or confused that we made the wrong choices too?

The Josei Next Door – Speak, Fan, and Enter! Heroes & Gatekeepers in “Akiba’s Trip” – Aren’t we all a little tired of the lonely, tortured nerd? Dee persuades us over to the silly-sexy side with a thoughtful piece on how Akiba’s Trip frames geekiness as an opportunity, not a stigma or a weapon. All geeks are friends in spirit. Otaku group hug, anyone?

Well, with that, guess we’ll stop bothering you for another weekend. But we’ll be back next week to bore you all silly with our opinions once more! Hehe. Now off you go, before we change our minds.

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