Update: Hayate the Combat Butler schedules final chapter

Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine has revealed when Kenjirou Hata’s Hayate the Combat Butler manga will end. It’s been a long time coming – almost a year in fact – but the last chapter has finally been scheduled for April 12th.

At least in the meantime, Hata has been hinting that his future plans include a new manga. When a Shonen Sunday reader wrote in last year to ask what Hata would like to try out in 2017, the response was short and sweet: “New series.”

Hayate the Combat Butler has been read and loved for 12 long years, and the final arc began in November. A veritable hotpot of referential comedy and butler battling action, Hayate pulled in from anime classics and even western media to build its special, self-aware sense of humour. It’s been running in Shonen Sunday since October 2004, with VIZ Media publishing the manga in English, and describing the series as follows:

Hardworking Hayate has a plan to pay back the yakuza–who are now the legal owners of his body parts: he’ll kidnap someone and ransom them for a mountain of money! But things get tricky when his would-be kidnappee–who as luck would have it is the daughter of a mind-bogglingly wealthy family–mistakes Hayate’s actions for a confession of love, and subsequently hires him to be her personal servant. At least his employment future is secure, or so he thinks…

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