Korean anime Seoul Station revives the zombie phenomenon

After the initial exhilaration of The Walking Dead slowed to a shamble, the zombie genre has seemed tired out for a while. But, as we well know, they always come back, and something pulled out of Korea to revive the undead once again last year. Train to Busan‘s international success has paved the way for its animated prequel, Seoul Station, to be picked up by the UK’s Ghibli distributors StudioCanal. The film has also been acquired by FilmRise for the US, though release dates are still to be announced in this case.

As for us Brits, we’ll be seeing Seoul Station in cinemas from March 17th, and on DVD and Blu-ray come April 3rd. Directed by Train to Busan‘s Yeon Sang-ho, here’s how the horror begins:

As the sun sets around Seoul Station, an old man thought to have died sinks his teeth into the warm flesh of a homeless person. Soon, the streets are filled with vicious zombies desperate to feed.

Hae-sun, a runaway, witnesses the frightening sight while her father and boyfriend desperately search for her. As the attacked become the attackers, the government declares a lock out of the station, leaving the uninfected to struggle desperately against the dangerous undead. With zombie numbers exploding, people are forced to flee with no place to run to, not knowing if they will survive.

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1 Comment on Korean anime Seoul Station revives the zombie phenomenon

  1. Train to Busan comes out on March the 30th here in Holland, I have been looking forward to this one for a very long time. Love zombie movies in general, and being a huge fan of Asian cinema, this is very cool combination. Nice to see that there is now also an animated feature heading our way, something I did not yet know. Thank you for bringing this to our attention 😀


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