Weekly round-up

It’s been a quiet one this week, but we still have plenty to share with you from the cosy corner of our blog, and the wider anime world. We’ve got fantasy updates from all the way along the grimdark and whimsical spectrum, plus some zombies thrown in with our news this week. After that we’ll be getting regal with our latest list, and then throwing it over to you for the pieces we’ve loved reading this week. So we’d best get to it!

Two-cour anime announced for The Ancient Magus’ Bride

We can’t wait for this. The illustrious WIT Studio is back from the beautiful prequel OVAs to make a proper anime series for The Ancient Magus’ Bride.

No Game No Life -Zero- film’s trailer announces 2017 release

The No Game No Life anime movie that went into the dark after last summer’s reveal is finally back with a title and, more importantly, a teaser trailer.

Berserk manga returns this month

Guts is back. Back again. And this time, we hope it’s for the long haul.

Korean anime Seoul Station revives the zombie phenomenon

They always come back. Something pulled out of Korea last year to prove it.

Latest lists ‘n’ things – Better than a fairytale: our favourite anime princes

Doesn’t this time of year make you feel all dreamy and romantic? Capture that feeling with our list of favourite anime princes.

International Women’s Day – The princess and the portrayal: feminism and self-love in Miyazaki’s movies

Since we celebrated International Women’s Day on Wednesday, let’s appreciate the ways Miyazaki’s heroines inspire us all to be heroic too.

Holy Hestia, we’re on Patreon!

You guys might already have heard, but just in case, we recently made our Patreon debut. If you’d consider becoming a patron, we’d really appreciate it. To thank you for all your support so far, we’d love to give some back by putting more creative control in your hands. As little as $1 a month would be a big help towards that, as well as building our site.

And now, let’s get right into what we’ve been reading this week. We loved discovering a few new things about our favourite shows, as well as the anime medium in general. But we were also touched to learn just how much anime means to one of our most precious readers.

Rai’s Anime Blog – Is Lizzy a Proper Lady? Part 2 – An Analysis of Black Butler and the Gender Roles of the Victorian Era – Rai has put together a couple of neat, sweet pieces here, exploring how Elizabeth Midford conforms to (and shrieks in the face of) Victorian ideas of how respectable women should behave. Seeing how she flouts the rules that would have been laid down for her from birth makes us respect her character all the more. Because of that, it comes as little surprise that she’s secretly a little badass (beware of spoilers for the Black Butler manga and Book of Atlantic film).

RedStripe118 – A Workable Definition of Anime – We’ve tussled with the question of what defines anime ourselves, and here RedStripe points us to a wonderful suggestion from Mother’s Basement. What else could it be but an art movement? It seems so obvious now. While to us it’s a feeling, in more universal terms, it’s a creative philosophy. Cheers to this blogger for the signal-boost on this video.

I Have a Heroine Problem – Forgotten Realms: The Isekai Boom of the 90’s – Many of us will think of the ‘isekai’ (or “different world”) genre of anime as, for all its genuine charms, a bit sausage-serving. But it wasn’t always this way. Caitlin shows us a time before male-centric isekai, when stories of wide-eyed wonder and romance inspired and empowered a largely female readership. If you’re looking for your next shojo watch/read, this gives a great rundown of series that thrived in the 90s.

LitaKino Anime Corner – Personal Reflection: Anime/What It Means To Me –  Last of all, but by no means least, here’s a piece that describes the uniquely comforting and reassuring qualities of anime. Lita has a Mild Autistic Disorder which meant anime became a sanctuary for her, just as it has been for me. What make this piece special is not only the courage it took to write, but also its reminder that our otakuness can and should bring us together. This made me feel all reminiscent over starting this blog and finding our wonderful readers, including Lita.

Aww, what sweeter way could there be to end another week at the blog? We’ll be back again soon, but until then, to all of you: just keep being brilliant.

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  1. Thanks for including my post! :3 I loved that way you described Lizzy in the summary x3

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  2. The Ancient Magus’ Bride getting a full anime is definitely wonderful.

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