To celebrate 50 years of mangaka Go Nagai’s career, the demonic power of Devilman will reclaim the world in a new anime. Set to premiere globally as a Netflix Original Series in early spring of 2018, Devilman crybaby will be available in nine spoken languages and a whopping 25 subtitle languages. Looks like we have a grand project on our hands, so let’s get to the good stuff, starting with the announcement teaser.

Masaaki Yuasa of Ping Pong the Animation is directing at his own Science SARU studio, with Ichiro Okochi of Code Geass writing scripts. Eunyoung Choi is acting as animation producer, with Aniplex and Dynamic Planning on board to produce the project. Nagai and Yuasa will be appearing at a talk show at the AnimeJapan event on March 25th, so we might see more details revealed on that date.

Nagai launched his Devilman manga in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine in 1972. Its first TV anime aired that same year as a simultaneous affair. Over the years since, the anime and manga have spawned over a dozen spin-offs, crossovers and remake projects, including several manga, OVAs and a live-action film released in 2004. This series is just the latest in a generation-spanning franchise, and to us, it looks to be an enthralling one.

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