Event: First film in new Eureka Seven trilogy to screen in UK, other countries worldwide


As studio BONES settles in to work on their new Eureka Seven film trilogy, the international successes of your nameA Silent Voice and In This Corner of the World have started to pay dividends overseas. When the first Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution movie opens in Japan this fall, it will also have premieres in eight other countries across the world, including our home turf of the UK.

At the Anime Boston convention held last weekend, BONES’ president Masahiko Minami confirmed its simultaneous release in Japan, the US and UK, France, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. As yet there are no details for participating venues, but it has been confirmed that FUNimation will be handling distribution in North America. Beyond that, the second and third films in the trilogy are set to follow in 2018 and 2019.

The original staff of the 2005 Eureka Seven anime series makes a predominant return, including chief director Tomoki Kyoda, scriptwriter Dai Sato, and character designer Kenichi Yoshida. The films take place following the First Summer of Love that occurred a decade before the main series, and which has thus far only been hinted at in the show itself. The story will closely follow the plot of the series, but with completely re-recorded lines, re-animated footage and new scenes.

Bandai Visual’s description sets out the story of the trilogy, and “the beginning of it all”:

Ten years ago, the major earth-shaking “First Summer of Love” event occurred. Renton, who lost his father during the event, now attends the army school of the United Federation of Predgio Towers located in the border town of Bellforest. Because his late father is still praised, Renton feels something is lacking as he continues with his ordinary, boring days. Then one day, Nirvash, the world’s oldest LFO, appears in front of him and a girl named Eureka emerges from the cockpit. This was the beginning of the future of humans and Scub Coral, another intelligent lifeform.

Was this encounter all just a coincidence? Or was it fate? Where will Renton and Eureka’s journey end?


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