My Favourite Anime: Attack on Titan

For our latest in our ongoing My Favourite Anime series, Florida-based indie rock outfit SNOWMOON regale us with their love of Attack on Titan and its complex badass Annie Leonhardt. Be sure to check out the band’s website, Facebook and Bandcamp.

The last name “Leonhardt” is not an easy one to bear in the anime world. Drawing instant comparison to a certain Final Fantasy gun-wielding protagonist, the name alone screams “badass” and with it comes the expectations of a character that fulfils the name’s mystic.

When our band – SNOWMOON – was writing songs for our EP Afterglow, we knew we wanted to create a song based off our shared love for anime – one show in particular we all binged watched to death was the incredible series Attack on Titan. One of its primary characters, Annie Leonhardt was the most obvious choice for us to write about from the get go.

SNOWMOON - Photo Credit - Milcho

(L-R) Andy Rodrigues, bass and vocals; Noel Hernadez, drums, & Jessie Allen, guitar and vocals. Credit: Milcho

Annie’s journey in Attack on Titan starts the same way many of our own stories originate. She is a bit of a loner who wants to break out of her shell but doesn’t exactly know how. She is proficient in hand-to-hand combat techniques, but when she shows that talent it’s not always accepted by those around her. We know a lot of people can relate especially in your teenage years to those strange moments where you’re just not sure how the things you offer in life fit in with what society expects from you.

But the thing about life in Attack on Titan is that the concept of a “dog eat dog world” is taken quite literally. In that kind of world, young people have to develop extremely fast, and that need to rush forward through such an essential stage in life leads to extremely complicated emotions.

SNOWMOON’s music shares many of these themes… telling the stories of how we grow as human beings and the path that leads us to where we are today. Each journey is unique and Annie’s is one that has many layers.

By the time Annie is revealed to be the Female Titan, most people have come to view her as a villain. But what exactly are her motives? What is her relationship to the Titans? She obviously didn’t originate as one but later became one like Eren. Everyone is driven to change by a massive accumulation of his or her moral guidelines and experiences in life.


With our song ‘Annie’ we wanted to express the thoughts of the person going through that from their own perspective and how it might, or might not, weigh on their conscience.

“You are saying that innately, all people are good, and if they were to just assume their nature, this organization wouldn’t be so rotten, right? But in my opinion, the structure of the organization, the way it is set up is what provides insight into what the true human nature really is.”

– Annie Leonhardt

You can listen to Annie and the rest of the Afterglow EP directly on the band’s page here, or on your preferred online streaming service.

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  1. I do not have words to say how much I love this anime!


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