Dear friends and readers,

As of late, the two of us chocobos at littleanimeblog have been rethinking our priorities, and where the blog falls for us in relation to our IRL responsibilities and other creative work. Both of us have been taking on more projects as of late, and trying to balance them with keeping a regular schedule here has led to us neglecting the blog somewhat. We’ve both loved sharing our otaku opinions and explorations with you over the past year and a half, but if we’re going to keep at it, we want to show you the proper appreciation through our undivided attention and the best of our writing ability. For a while now, we’ve felt we haven’t been displaying either, so we’ve decided to take an indefinite hiatus from the blog.

We won’t forget you!

This is by no means a goodbye to itself. We’ll keep the site up and running so you can come back to all our pieces, and new readers are always welcome here. We’ll keep our Patreon in place too, so anyone who becomes a patron will get their appropriate rewards, including review requests and custom poems, just as soon as we can make them happen.

Meanwhile, things around here will be on the quiet side at our end, except for maybe the occasional review or quick feature. But if you’re reading this and fancy writing for our My Favourite Anime series, or penning a review, feature or list all your own, be sure to drop us a line and pitch us your ideas. While we’re taking a break, it would be all the sweeter to see your contributions keeping the spirit of the blog alive.

Ta-ta for now folks, and keep being as fantastic as you have been to us. We hope to be back before too long. But rest assured, it won’t be before we can dedicate ourselves to this blog, and to you, just as fervently as we did at the start.

Lucky Star - Sakura-chan wave

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You will most certainly be missed! I can definitely understand needing to take a break to focus on other priorities. The RishRaff blog’s hiatus a year ago was certainly needed (I know I personally was going through a lot of things at the time), and it felt better than ever when we came back. I hope things work out on your end!


Will miss you guys your amazing 🙁 Can’t wait for your return !!! >


You’ll be missed:/
But good luck with your rl responsibilities!


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Going to miss you. Hope to see you soon!


Going to miss regular updates from you guys. Hope things go well in the real world.

Arria Cross

Aaaaaw. We’re gonna miss you all. Come back soon, but of course focus more on regrouping and resting so that you could all come back stronger next time. Cheers!


Oh man. I hope everything goes okay with you guys. Thank you for giving us great information. We will be here for you guys to return. 🙂


Oh my, I am really sorry to hear this. I have really enjoyed reading all your news items, great and sometimes very personal reviews, in short I loved this entire blog. I can understand leaving at the moment, from what I am reading here, but I am saddened by this news. I have always enjoyed sharing thoughts with you, and found you both to be truly great people that have always been kind to me 😊 I hope you will be back in the future: but in the meantime I want to say thank you for all your great posts,… Read more »