My Favourite Anime: Psycho-Pass

Welcome back, friends and readers. Long time no see! While we’re still out of action, Michael of Anime Zeal is on the case, with his statement of defence for Psycho-Pass as an anime masterpiece.

Psycho-Pass is a psychological thriller and science fiction anime based on the original work of Gen Urobuchi. It is set in a dystopian society in futuristic Japan. Check out the official trailer below!

Psycho-Pass centers on people being marked as potential or latent criminals because of a high or abnormal psycho-pass determined by the governing body called the Sibyl System. The Sibyl System is essentially the law in the world of Psycho-Pass. It is the oracle, decision-maker, judge, and executor. Those whose psycho-pass ratings get too high, or above certain thresholds, are immediately seen as criminals and may be institutionalized or worse, put to death, without having committed any actual crimes.

Because of this, this anime has a moral perspective which you may find ironic. Also Enforcers, who are marked as criminally minded themselves are ordered by Inspectors of the Public Safety Bureau, or police force, to enact justice on latent criminals.

psycho pass dominator

Officers of the Public Safety Bureau are charged with the duty of carrying out the will of the Sibyl System. Armed with weapons called Dominators, Kogami Shinya and Tsunemori Akane are the protagonists who found themselves at the center of the world of Psycho-Pass.

For Akane, it was more of an internal struggle where she thought there must have been a better way to achieve a fair and just society. Whereas for Kogami, who relied more on his intuition and instincts more than rules set by the system, it was always a more of a head-on battle.

The Psycho-Pass anime is truly a masterpiece that is both thought-provoking and mentally stimulating. The story is compelling as it leaves one wondering whether or not such a society is desirable. The many twists and turns keep you involved as it forces you to think about if the sacrifices of individual freedom are worth the peaceful lifestyle.

psycho pass shinya

The art of Psycho-Pass is nothing short of stunning. The world is so incredibly detailed that you feel as if you yourself are a part of it. The animation and visual effects really accentuate the impact of each and every scene. If you’ve ever seen a science-fiction movie or TV show before, you’ve probably noticed how complex everything tends to look. Psycho-Pass is no exception. Though complex, the details fit in perfectly with the tone and theme of the entire anime and only works to make the world that much more immersive.

The character development is amazingly elaborate and plays a big part in the plot. For example, Akane who just joined the Public Safety Bureau as a rookie at the beginning of the anime, was a novice who had no idea what was in store for her. As time went on, Akane accrued more and more experience until she actually became one of the most important figures in all of society. She is sobered by the reality of the situation and is forced to bear an incomparably heavy burden.

Then there is Makishima Shogo, an iconic villain whose primary concern is rekindling the joy of human existence. Having felt that the Sibyl System was a false god, so to speak, that didn’t have the right to judge people, was stifling human creativity and individuality. In a sense, Makishima is an anarchist who tries to overthrow the Sibyl System and expose it for what it really is while giving people the ability to once again feel human emotions.

psycho pass makishima

All in all, the Psycho-Pass anime’s exploration of societal, philosophical and psychological themes is phenomenal. It questions the logic behind sacrificing freedom for a society of security.

Imagine a world in which everything is controlled and determined by something as intangible as a number associated with your mental health, and a society where you are promised a life without stress or fear. Does it sound too good to be true? That’s because it probably is. Delve into the world of Psycho-Pass and explore these philosophical questions through the eyes of Inspector Tsunemori Akane and Enforcer Kogami Shinya.

Do you, attending readers, all stand by Michael’s statements? Or will you raise an objection? Whatever your thoughts, please share in the comments. We do miss our chats here at the blog.

1 Comment on My Favourite Anime: Psycho-Pass

  1. On episode 17 or so of Psycho Pass and it’s all right. Some of the set designs are cool. I read this to find out more about what aspects of the anime fans liked.

    My main problems were the following:
    This series loves its exposition.
    The villain was one note and not psychologically complex or funny.
    References other texts almost as if admitting its lack of creativity.
    The plot didn’t have a lot of surprises.
    Obsession with sexualized violence.
    A political system so full of holes your first thought is “Gee, what could POSSIBLY go wrong???”

    For me it has its moments but overall felt a bit bland.

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