Everyone who’s shed their tears for Made in Abyss and yearned for more, fear not, for a sequel’s a short dive away. At the ‘Deep in Abyss’ event held for the franchise over the weekend, the anime’s continuation was revealed with a video announcement, seen below complete with new lines from Toshiyuki Morikawa as Bondrewd.

The original web manga by Akihito Tukushi is ongoing in Japan via the digital publication Web Comic Gamma, an English language version coming in January courtesy of Seven Seas Entertainment. The anime’s first season was directed by Masayuki Kojima at Kinema Citrus, and it seems likely the same team and cast will return for the sequel, though this is yet to be confirmed.

Overseas, the anime streamed for the US on Amazon’s Anime Strike service, with HIDIVE bringing the show to other territories, including the UK. Anime Strike describes the series as follows:

Within the depths of the Abyss, a girl named Riko stumbles upon a robot who looks like a young boy. Riko and her new friend descend into uncharted territory to unlock its mysteries, but what lies in wait for them in the darkness?

We certainly can’t wait for the new series, but how about you? What were your favourite moments from the show? For us, it brought our goals to be role models for our daughter into heartfelt clarity – you can read all about that here.

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