Bandai Namco releases One Piece VR game preview

Ready to jump aboard the cruise…in virtual reality? Bandai Namco Entertainment’s One Piece Grand Cruise game is set to ship out  Japan in 2018, and a promo has been released showing off its combat and portrayal of certain scenes from Eiichiro Oda’s manga.

It’s looking sweet as a Gum-Gum Fruit so far, and as well as the PSVR it’ll also be released on PlayStation 4 next year. Again though, this date is only confirmed for Japan, with no word yet on the game coming overseas.

In this VR project you, the player, will be brought aboard the Thousand Sunny to join the Straw Hat crew as a pirate-in-training. On this particular voyage, players will get to know the crew by interacting with them and fighting side by side against the Marines.

1 Comment on Bandai Namco releases One Piece VR game preview

  1. It’s amazing and quite astonishing at times at how incredible these kind of games look. It’s almost as if you are watching the animeseries itself at times 😊

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