What’s in the bag: ani-blogger’s survival kit

Every Pokétrainer worth their salt knows that going out in the long grass without a bag or backpack is tantamount to jumping headlong into the abyss. Inside you’ll find a veritable reservoir of Poké Balls, potions, berries and more – everything the discernible catcher needs out in the field. And so it is with ani-bloggers.

I could hardly conceive of leaving the house without my shoulder bag, leaving me ready for anything come what may. So, in a new section we’re calling ‘What’s in the bag’, we’re asking our fellow bloggers to show us what tools they need.


To get the ball rolling I’ll go first, with the above picture showing off my inventory. Okay, so first thing you’ll notice is the writing pads – three of them. When it comes to pen and paper, I’m pretty old-fashioned. I prefer writing as much as possible in long hand and transcribing to the laptop later. In fact, I’ve written whole novels and most of my dissertation this way. The little jotter is especially useful for making quick notes, blog ideas or penning poems, while the A4 pads are great for getting out with a coffee or over lunch. Having multiple pens is also a must. Too many of my ideas have been cut short by running low on ink.

Continuing clockwise, we’ve got my trusty 3DS. As well as counting up all my steps while on stand-by mode, it’s just a joy knowing I’ve got a JRPG or puzzler while I’m out and about. You never know when you’re going to have some downtime on your hands or, better yet, if you’re in the middle of a game review, the extra time can be a boon.

Next up is painkillers which, as far as I’m concerned, are an absolute must. Early starts and spending my days staring at computer screens means headaches are inevitable, so I make sure I’ve always got a supply at hand. The same goes for tissues *sniff*.

My iPad is one of the most useful tools both at home and on-the-go. It’s where I write all my notes when I’m reviewing a series, where most of my correspondence and social media takes place and my gateway to the internet. Crucially, I can upload new posts away from home, which is ideal especially over the coming Christmas period staying with friends and family. Having the cellular function means I can watch anime out and about, meaning the headphones are a must, else incur the questioning gaze of strangers on the train or coffee shop. The same goes for music. My tastes aren’t to everyone’s preference.

While reaching for some delicious salty snack or sweeties – à la Umaru-chan – I endeavour to stay healthy, so satiating my hunger pangs is better with fruit, and there’s no finer fruit than the banana. Curb that single use plastic with a refillable flask (mine was too cumbersome for the photo) and stay hydrated.

Other additions include whatever novel or manga I’m currently reading which, at the moment, is Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel (which I highly recommend, incidentally).

And there you have it – my ani-blogging survival kit. But that’s enough about me, we want to hear about you. So lay out your blogging tools out, snap a pic and give us some insight. Don’t forget to tag this page so we don’t miss any of them.

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3 Comments on What’s in the bag: ani-blogger’s survival kit

  1. Notebooks have become such a huge part of my life…

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  2. Interesting! Notepads are a must for me too! Will definitely bring out my own survival kit soon!

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