My Hero Academia had its stand on 3DS, but now it’s switching up its Nintendo allegiances. That’s right, it’s high time for the franchise’s first Switch game. My Hero Academia: One’s Justice was revealed last week in Shonen Jump for PlayStation 4 as well as the hybrid console-handheld, and a trailer is well on the way. But in the meantime, we have some more details and screenshots now the game’s official website is live.

Bandai Namco describe the release as a “battle action game”, in which players will flex their Quirks across reactive and destructible environments. A little extra hint says that every environment will have its own strategic advantage. Both these aspects of the game get a sneak preview in the screens below.

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Byking of Gunslinger Stratos are listed as the developers of the game, getting its next look at the Jump Festa event with that trailer’s debut viewing. Dates for the event are set at December 16th and 17th, so keep your eyes peeledWe’ll be sure to keep you in the loop with further news.

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