With My Hero Academia‘s first Nintendo Switch game One’s Justice in the works, there was word that an anime movie was also in production. But all this secret identity nonsense is so old dusty comic book, right? Jump knows, so the magazine made good on revealing that Kohei Horikoshi’s manga is indeed inspiring an anime film. Oh, and it will be an original story.

Latest news has it that studio BONES staff are returning from the anime series. Kenji Nagasaki is directing with Yousuke Kuroda writing scripts, Yoshihiko Umakoshi on character design and Yuuki Hayashi composing music. Meanwhile, Horikoshi is on board as chief supervisor.

In summer 2018, My Hero Academia the Movie will bare all of a certain character’s hidden past, and feature all of Class A. Just let that soak in because, for now, that’s all the details we’re getting.


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