Weekly Shonen Jump celebrates its fifth decennial next year, and as part of the celebrations it’s getting no less than its own live-action series. Oh My Jump! ~Shonen Jump Shikyu o Sukuu~ (Oh My Jump! ~Shonen Jump Saves the World~) begins its story with a man who once dreamed of being a hero, and his contradictory and blatant ignorance of a colleague’s sexual harassment.

From there, it just so happens that some weird busybody Choyaku Tsuchida whisks him away to a secret club called Oh My Jump!, a society rammed full of kooks who convene to discuss the mag. This cast includes Atsushi Itou as the protagonist , Hiroshi Tsukiyama, and Shigeru Saiki as Choyaku Tsuchida. Shuntaro Yanagi (Tokyo Ghoul live-action movie’s Renji Yomo) plays Shinji Kaneshiro, a struggling mangaka whose key skill is copying other artists, while Hitomi Sato (Ring movies’ Masami Kurahashi) portrays cosplaying doctor and lonely heart Miki Kawagishi. Finally we have Yasufumi Terawaki as Kozuke Mizushima, a well-off chap who works in finance.

Premiering on January 12th, this clash of personalities will give rise to the “secret stories” behind some of our most beloved Jump manga, and shed light on the urban legends that surround the magazine. Tanjoubi omedetou, Jump, and what a gift for the magazine that has everything.

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