Going gaga: our top five cutest anime babies

They’re loveable, supremely snuggable, and the sweetest reminder of all the unconditional adoration we took for granted back when we were gurgling cherubs. But here’s to all the shameless, vicarious spoiling we’ll be foisting on our own precious bundle very soon. With our daughter on the way in two months’ time, the perfect chibi features of our favourite anime babies soothes our every worry over what we’re letting ourselves in for. After all, if our little one is anywhere near as cute as these five, we’ll be driven to move heaven and earth for her, no matter what.

Baby Trunks – Dragon Ball Z 


Talk about the best of both worlds. Before Trunks was time-travelling and hefting his blade as his perfect purple boy band hair flows with the force of his strike, he looked like this. So chubby and cuddly you’d never suspect the serious hunk of muscle he’d grow up to be – except he always had the glint of Daddy Vegeta in his eyes.

Alphonse Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist


This little one just breaks your heart knowing all he’ll lose before too long. Such an honest, open child should never have suffered as much or as young as he did. But in his partnership with Edward, rambunctious and inquisitive from the off, there’s the beauty of knowing he’ll come to protect his big brother more fiercely than anyone – great pain the forge of greater courage.

Tsumugi Inuzuka – Sweetness and Lightning

Sweetness and Lightning - baby Tsumugi.png

She may not be such a baby for much of this beautiful series, but we do have the pleasure of seeing Tsumugu as the tiny bundle her wonderful daddy looked on with such love, swearing to be his best self. And who could help it? Throwing herself into the adventures of exploring her world and learning to walk, she was the same precocious cutie right from her earliest years.

Ame and Yuki – Wolf Children

Image result for wolf children ame and yuki gif

Whenever the tiny Ame and Yuki are feeling curious or playful, they prick up their ears, wag their tails and become the very embodiment of the wildling inside every child. Right from the start, these two captured our hearts and all we wanted was to see them safe, happy and protected. Plus, can you imagine having a baby and pup in one? The cuteness would know no bounds, even with the challenges of both on your hands.

Hime Kondou – Working!!


Ah, don’t be fooled by this one, she’s a mastermind in a pink onesie. Seeing her grow up before our very eyes, she can figure square roots before her first word leaves her lips. And when she does learn to talk, she knows the benefits of being irresistible; squeezing the unsuspecting adoring of their cash. She only need say “okane” once and we’d shower her with the meagre contents of our wallets.

Too much cute. Have to go and take a breather after all that squeeing. But while we’re dreaming of times to come, why don’t you tell us which anime baby tops the ranks for squishability in your books?

7 thoughts on “Going gaga: our top five cutest anime babies

  1. Great choices! I feel like anime has the tendency to portray babies badly most of the time (unnatural sizes, noises, levels of intelligence), but this post reminded me that anime still has some adorable little humans.

    1. Oh yeah, the sweetest ones are always the most real. And it’s been super helpful just to smile at their cuteness and ease our anxiety over the challenges ahead.

  2. Aaahh, Trunks, Al, and Ame and Yuki! So adorable~

    If we’re talking about babies in anime, the top ones that come to mind are Ruu (Daa! Daa! Daa!), Mao (Chibi Devi!), and (since the anime’s on its way, anyway) all the babies left in Ryuuichi’s school daycare (Gakuen Babysitters). It also doesn’t have an anime adaptation, but Love So Life’s twins Aoi and Akane are two of my favorites, too! I loooove babies so much! <3

    1. Ahh yes, so many series I’m now tempted to start purely for the cute little tykes 😍 Eep, those twins are precious! Maybe this was a bad idea, I feel like I’m going to hit cuteness overload with everyone else’s faves 😂

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