The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department have arrested a man on suspicion of sending threatening emails to anime voice actress Ayana Taketatsu. In disturbing findings, unemployed 32-year-old Hidehiko Yokoyama is an acquaintance of Taketatsu, who once called himself the leader of her fan club even though the company-managed group has no leaders.

According to investigation, the threat in question was sent from a net cafe in Yokoyama’s hometown of Kikugawa City, Shizuoka. The email read, “You’ve been so full of yourself lately. I’ll never forgive you. It’d tick me off if I do nothing. Die die die”.

Police state that the suspect has admitted to the charge. Investigation is currently ongoing as to whether he is connected to any of 7000 offending messages Taketatsu has received via her agency alone since 2014.

However, on her personal blog the actress wrote, “In terms of mails, I received tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands. There were many other horrible things that were not reported in the news”. It has been found that over 200,000 emails were sent to various companies and organisations connected to Taketatsu. In the face of the abuse and the shock of the arrest, she told her fans on Twitter “I’m fine! I’m alright! So please don’t worry about me”.

Taketatsu is best known for her voice work as K-ON!‘s Azusa Nakano, and Oreimo‘s Kirino Kosaka. We here at the blog hope that she is safe and well, despite the circumstances. Our thoughts and best wishes are with her.

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People like this guy is one of the worst. I feel bad for voice actors and actress who has to deal with these crazy obsessed fans.


There are some horrible people in the world


Ugh: so sad that people like this exist 😢 Glad he was picked up by the police, that’s for sure 😊