Masaki Tsuji, lead writer of the 1972 Devilman anime, knows a good show when he sees it after more than 50 years in the business. He prides himself on posting his honest opinions on Twitter, and he had some especially glowing words for DEVILMAN crybaby. As he put it:

I have watched DEVILMAN crybaby’s 10th episode. I don’t care about its dramaturgy, such as the 9th episode’s excitement and the 10th episode’s composition. I am speechless for the creators’ sense beyond technique. I envy you, Nagai Go-chan. Your Devilman is breathing in this Heisei era, it makes me so jealous!

We know exactly where he’s coming from. We were both excited to see the themes and morals of Go Nagai’s manga faithfully revived for a new generation, in a whole new era of demons. If you wanted to catch the series directed by The Tatami Galaxy’s Masaaki Yuasa for yourself, it comes highly recommended from us. All ten episodes of DEVILMAN crybaby are available worldwide on Netflix.

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