Hi, hi, hi to you all and welcome to a round-up full of fun to brighten those mid-January blues. With updates on the latest, greatest otaku events incoming, and an elementary exploration of the anime detective, you’re sure to have something to smile about by the time we’re done here. Let’s go right ahead and make good on that promise.


Lupin III Part 5 unveils April debut and modern setting

After last summer, very little was known about the France-set fifth series of Lupin III. But new details make clear that the City of Lights we’ll see in April will be the shiny and modern version, with Lupin prowling the steel-lined streets.

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? teases new project

Bell Cranel and Hestia won’t be the only ones partying down to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the DanMachi light novels. Publishers GA Bunko are launching a full-on anniversary campaign, including a brand new project.

Is this the end of Dragon Ball Super?

After Dragon Ball Super flew onto TV screens in 2015 with a resoundingly warm welcome back from fans, we’re possibly coming to the end days of anime antics with gods and the multiverse.

DEVILMAN crybaby’s Masaaki Yuasa hightails it to Reddit for AMA

Amon knows if we got anything from DEVILMAN crybaby, it’s questions. Best start coaxing some kind of coherency out of them though, if you want to take part in director Masaaki Yuasa’s upcoming Reddit hotseat.

Blog spotlights

Here’s where we wrap up the posts we’re proud of from this week, just for you! Let’s see what we’ve got…

Get a clue: the great anime detective

Just how did anime’s famous detectives get started with their super-sleuthing? It’s no mystery, if you read all the evidence collated in this week’s feature.

Dad goals: our favourite anime fathers

The case of the absent parent is entrenched in anime, but that doesn’t stop the ones who stick around from shining out with pure love for their little ones. As we expect our own precious bundle, here are the anime dads who top our list of parent goals.

Cool stuff from around the we(e)b

It’s time to take a look back over a few of the internet’s finest fist-pump moments and bulletins from this week. What made you smile or brightened your day? Tell us your own cool moments!

animespot logo

Anime Spot is your new merch stop + a prize giveaway!

Are you feeling lucky this week? Fancy winning some brilliant anime merch? Of course you do, so get over to Anime Spot. Their giveaway has been extended to January 31st, so there’s plenty of time to enter, but it really couldn’t be easier. Just drop them your details, tick off your favourite anime, and get your random 90% Anime Spot store discount as thanks. They’re just that awesome.

Skyrim gets a Pop Team Epic mod, because obviously

Let’s face it, as soon as there was a split second of a Skyrim reference in Pop Team Epic, this was going to happen. Smash that play button above to see Popuko and Pipimi in expositiony RPG glory, with credits to modder Higeyoshi.

“Boom!” – a single fan tallies the iconic One Piece sound effect

In the interests of the boundless otaku capacity for obsession, YouTuber Hikaru bought all 87 volumes of the One Piece manga. He then courageously proceeded to count off every “boom”, or “don” as it appears in Japanese, that’s ever graced the collected series’ pages so far – 5,678 in total! If you’re a Japanese speaker, you can follow along with Hikaru’s research in the video above.

Proud mama Britney Spears shares son’s Dragon Ball fan art

Better than sticking it on the fridge, Britney Spears wanted to show the world when her Dragon Ball Z super-fan of a son immortalised Goku in some impressive drawings. Seriously, that kid captures Kakarot better than we ever could. Any mother would be right to be proud.

Adorable crochet Pokémon in the making


Finally, we have the cutest little Rowlet being crocheted by Naja of the totally Tentacool blog Nice Job Breaking It, Hero. It’s so perfect and squishy and cute we could just die. If that’s not a sign of quality craftmanship, we don’t know what is.

Your posts

Lita Kino’s Anime Corner – Making Posts Sound Something That You’re Not – Lita’s written up a great guide to one of the foundations of successful, happy blogging – being yourself in your writing. After all, if you aren’t putting your heart in your own posts, how can you expect anyone else to do the same?

Peach’s Almanac – In ‘Defense’ of…Citrus and the Ecchi Genrecitrus may be a problematic show when it comes to portraying eroticism and relationships, but ecchi itself is not the problem. Peach writes a succinct argument in defence of ecchi, and as two lovers of (well-intentioned) filth ourselves, we’re all for it.

100 Word Anime – Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Light Novel Book 1 Review: A Fun Adventure That Might Kill You – If you enjoyed the anime adaptation of Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? and were thinking of reading ahead, give this review a look. Karandi informed us that things we felt were missing from the anime, namely Aiz as a stronger character and making more of the Bell/Hestia dynamic, are more than made up for in the light novels by Fujino Omori.

The Moyatorium – [First Impression] Hakumei to Mikochi is the Cutest Thing I’ve Seen in 2018 – With the hugest of tiny little thanks to Moyatori, we decided to catch the first episode of Hakumei and Mikochi and, well, fell head over heels for this gorgeous fairytale. This first impression did an excellent job of convincing us, so if our word’s not enough, go check this piece out!

Well, we feel cosy and content after that look back over another wonderful blogging week. Here’s hoping we brought some sunshine to your Saturday morning as we wish you farewell, but only till Monday. So, see you then!

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Thanks for the shout-out! I chuckled at “hugest of tiny little thanks.” I’m glad you enjoyed Hakumei to Mikochi!


Love these round ups and thank you so much for the shoutout!!


Thanks for the round up and for sharing my link.