Update: Dragon Ball Super will end in March

After Dragon Ball Super flew onto TV screens in 2015 with a resoundingly warm welcome back from fans, we’re coming to the end days of anime antics with gods and the multiverse. The series will end its broadcast run in March, to have its timeslot adopted by the new GeGeGe no Kitaro anime airing from April 1st.

Since news of the timeslot switcheroo surfaced, RocketNews24 contacted Fuji TV for clarification, as many fans were wondering if this meant Dragon Ball Super would just switch times. The Super broadcasters confirmed that the saga will end for the time being, with no further plans in line right now. But this is Dragon Ball, the never-ending alien invasion, and the official Super Twitter account holds hope for the future in its own announcement:

The Universe Survival Saga will reach a climactic finale at the end of March. Make sure to stay tuned until then! And don’t forget there’ll be a feature-length film coming out in December this year too! Rest assured, the Dragon Ball world lives on!

Even though Toei Animation announced the upcoming GeGeGe premiere with a teaser, the studio hasn’t personally confirmed that this does mean the end for Super. However, the message seems clear enough that we can feel sure this is the case.

Fittingly enough, Piccolo voice actor Toshio Furukawa will play the new GeGeGe’s Nezumi Otoko, with Goku’s constant seiyu Masako Nozawa joining the cast as Medama Oyaji. Nozawa voiced the titular lead in the classic 1968 anime, but this time the role of Kitaro is filled by Miyuki Sawashiro, who voiced Lupin III: Part 4’s Fujiko Mine.

Other voices you may well recognise include two from One Piece, with Mayumi Tanaka (aka Luffy) as Sunakake Baba, and the legendary Usopp’s Kappei Yamaguchi as Ittan Momen. In addition, Sailor Moon Crystal‘s Sailor Saturn, Yukiyo Fujii, is portraying the brand new character Mana Inuyama.

Shigeru Mizuki’s original manga, recognised for spawning the yokai wave in anime, launched in 1959 as Hakaba Kitaro, inspiring several TV series, anime movies and live-action films. Following a boy who bridges the human and supernatural worlds with his uncanny abilities, his story has come to represent and honour Mizuki’s enduring legacy of the yokai fascination still intrinsic to Japanese pop culture.

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