FUNimation announces English cast for now-streaming simuldub Pop Team Epic

FUNimation are now streaming their simuldub of the social-media-stir-crazy Pop Team Epic, if you were curious how exactly this enigma of a series would translate. Episode one went up as of Tuesday 23rd, and with it they announced the show’s English cast, as well as the dub actors for Junji Ito Collection and Katana Maidens ~ Toji no Miko.

As is required for one of Pop Team‘s running gags, it’s a two-fisted tag team of actors. Vegeta voice actor Christopher R. Sabat and Justin Briner (My Hero Academia‘s Izuku) will portray Popuko. Beside them, it’s Ian Sinclair (One Piece‘s Brook) and Colleen Clinkenbeard (Fullmetal Alchemist‘s Riza Hawkeye) voicing Pipimi. Also cast are Tokyo Ghoul‘s Clifford Chapin as Daichi, and Noragami‘s Bryn Apprill as Sosogu. In case you’re reading this yet to watch, we won’t spoil this one for you. Wink.

How do you think this cast will handle the weird hijinks of the bird-flipping schoolgirls? These are certainly capable actors, well versed in the quirks of anime, so they might just hang on for the ride. Best of luck to the whole brave lot.

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