High school girls will go undercover as spies for an original anime revealed by Kadokawa, titled RELEASE THE SPYCE. And if you’re a fan of magical girls or a more sweet, less citrus brand of yuri, this is quite the exciting collaboration. YuruYuri mangaka Namori, on board as original character designer, is teaming up with Yuki Yuna Is a Hero creator Takahiro, who wrote the original concept. The anime is also inspiring a manga, and as Dengeki G’s Comic ran the first chapter of Release the Spyce – Secret Mission, the magazine unveiled the cast and staff.


You Satou makes his directorial debut at studio Lay-duce for the series following Momo Minamoto and her team of six, protecting the peace by moonlighting at private intelligence agency Tsukikage. Fresh talent Yukari Anzai takes the lead as Momo, and her fellow schoolgirl spies are cast as follows:

Manami Numakura (Made in Abyss’ Shiggy) as Yuki Hanzoumon
Aya Suzaki (Knights of Sidonia’s Shizuka Hoshijiro) as Mei Yachiyo
Akane Fujita (Eromanga-sensei’s Sagiri Izumi) as Fuu Sagami
Aya Uchida (YuruYuri’s Kaede Furutani) as Hatsume Aoba
Yuri Noguchi (Kaze no You ni’s Sachi) as Goe Ishikawa

The remaining staff are filled in by Satoshi Ishino, adapting Namori’s character designs for animation, and a mysterious creator named SORASAKI.F credited for the original work. Is your intrigue piqued yet? We’ll certainly be tailing this one.

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