Laid-Back Camp - Nadeshiko

Smartphones and social media positivity in anime

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It’s easy to learn to depend on objects at the cost of ourselves, leaning on the things we own to weather the times alone. Smartphones are an apt metaphor for each of these problems. Social media and so many options for instant messaging encourage over-exposure to people, dependency, anxiety over the worth of one’s own […]

Pokemon the Movie - Everyone's Story

Pokémon the Movie: Everyone’s Story reveals first trailer and new characters

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The journey to become a Pokémon Master continues with the franchise’s 21st anime film, Pokémon the Movie: Everyone’s Story. The film’s official Japanese website released a double whammy of a trailer and teaser along with a poster, all of which introduce us to five new friends for Ash (aka Satoshi) and Pikachu. The story carries […]

Sailor Moon Crystal - Uranus and Neptune

Love, acceptance, anime: an LGBT History Month round-up

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This LGBT History Month brought the whole aniblogging community together to celebrate queerness in anime. LGBTQ inclusion and acceptance is a matter that’s close and personal to both of us here at the blog, and so we’ve experienced many wonderful moments in sharing this month with all of you. Thank you for your comments and […]

Simple pleasures: our favourite foodie anime

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Food is a basic requirement for life, but that simplicity has the power of telling our most personal stories, while bringing us together under that human need. It’s the same in anime as in our everyday, the universal pleasures of cooking and eating opening up to powerful narratives of healing, sharing and growing. On an […]

Kiznaiver - Maki and Ruru

Only a phase: doomed queerness in anime

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Queerness in anime is pure, poetic, an indiscretion amidst the self-questioning and humiliation of high school. That is also where it must end, so it would seem in many manga and anime. The tragedy of having loved someone who perhaps shares your feelings, perhaps not, passes into the locked treasure box of memory as another […]

Weekly round-up

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It may well be the back end of winter, but we’ve got some hot stuff this weekly round-up. Hot stuff in the streets with the first trailer for Banana Fish, hot stuff from the gender non-binary beauties of this week’s feature…you get the picture, anyway. So what do you say that, first of all, we get […]

banana fish anime

Banana Fish anime unveils first trailer and summer premiere

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Come for the title, stay for the street gangs and New York sunsets, as Banana Fish receives its first trailer and cast announcements. The studio MAPPA anime based on Akimi Yoshida’s manga is heading for its premiere in July, with Amazon Prime streaming the series inside and outside of Japan. If you want that first […]


The everyday heroism of anime’s non-binary characters

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In a medium as varied in voice as any other, the fight is on for anime creators to defend the right for gender non-binary (NB) people to be beautiful, proud and not just the shattered screw-ups on the sidelines. Though they may seem the buried few, there are more titles that make NB folks heroes […]

Bleach live-action movie

Bleach live-action film’s first trailer released

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As the live-action Bleach prepares for the soul-reaping, opening on July 20th in Japan, Warner Bros. have dropped a new trailer to keep us hanging on. The moment framed in this 30-second tease will be a memorable one for any fan, as it shows the beginner shinigami Ichigo heading out to take on his first […]

Nier Automata

Ready player none: five video games we want to see as anime

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American production studios are starting to dig deep in the video game archives for their anime-inspired cartoons (hey there, Castlevania). But there are still so many titles we have the hankering to see on our TV screens, given a new lease of life and motion as Japanese animations. As soon as the two of us […]