one piece katakuri

It’s time for a long-awaited villain to take to the anime waves in One Piece. As it turns out, people with naturally wavy hair can be that bad. Or their voice actors can, anyway.

tomokazu sugita one piece katakuriShonen Jump magazine revealed this week that Tomokazu Sugita, voice of Gintama’s Gintoki, is joining the cast of the One Piece anime as the menacing Charlotte Katakuri. He’s Big Mom’s second son, and one of the Three Sweet Commanders sought after by the Straw Hats, with a bounty of over one million Berries. He’s only just been previewed in the anime at present, but it’s a good sign we will be seeing him soon.

Over on the manga’s shores, Eiichiro Oda has been teasing the upcoming Wano Country arc, as well as a whole new bad guy for the series. Oda bigged them up as Luffy and crew’s “greatest enemy” so far, and seemed pretty sure they will contribute to this arc being unlike any before it. Coming from the creator of One Piece, that’s certainly saying something.

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