Cutie Honey Universe

Go Nagai’s 50th anniversary as a manga artist is bringing a new Cutie Honey to screens, after the blazing success that was DEVILMAN crybaby, the Netflix Nagai adaptation. Cutie Honey Universe, based on Nagai’s original manga, has just released a teaser revealing the show’s main cast and April premiere.

Maaya Sakamoto (Ghost in the Shell‘s Motoko) is starring as Honey Kisaragi, alias Cutie Honey, beside her co-stars:

Maaya Uchida (Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions‘ Rikka Takanashi)
Tomoyo Kurosawa (Sound! Euphonium‘s Kumiko Omae)
Kana Hanazawa (Nisekoi‘s Kosaki Onodera)
Yukari Tamura (Steins;Gate‘s Suzuha Amane)
Suzuko Mimori (Digimon Adventure tri.‘s Sora Takenouchi)

However, it’s still a mystery which Honey the actors will each play. There is an adorable selection of heroines to choose from though, so you can have fun trying to match voice to Honey from the confirmed cuties below.

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Akitoshi Yokoyama of Photo Kano is directing the series at Production Reed, while Natsuko Takahashi of URAHARA handles series composition. Syuichi Iseki is tasked with character designs while acting as chief animation director, and it’s been confirmed that idol unit AOP of Osomatsu-san will perform the anime’s theme song.

Nagai’s original 1973 Cutie Honey saw the revenge quest of the titular android after her creator, Professor Kisaragi, is murdered. The manga has already inspired multiple remakes and adaptations, both on the page and screen, so it’ll be exciting to see how they shake up this story for a brand new generation.

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