Why watch … Hakumei and Mikochi?

Hakumei and Mikochi

If only the Earth’s generosity could be considered enough for each day to be fruitful, we might be able to live in Hakumei and Mikochi’s world. It is this understated utopia, a dream of smaller aspirations, which loops between the show’s contained stories and crafts its moral of simple contentment, piece by piece.

In all Hakumei and Mikochi’s titular little folk set out to do, whether it’s making a meal, going shopping or setting out in search of an adventure close to home, this same contented feeling is transmitted from their hearts to yours, and all the day’s hardships are soothed if not resolved. That’s not to say this is a series where nothing goes wrong, and everyone prospers. People jostle to sell their wares at market, some are just getting by in structural repair, and the keeper at the coffee shop would be lonely if it wasn’t for our faery pair’s regular visits. Wild dangers like creatures and storms are that much bigger for everything else being so small, but these people overcome, and a hot meal or cosy conversation is balm for all bruises.

These are perfect tales for the end of a day that wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be. They are full of reminders not to worry, that there’s always a way to fix what was broken, redeem a failure or line the drudge with brightness, if you’ll make the effort to look for an opening. Hakumei flibbertigibbets about her objectives and gets distracted, and Mikochi’s all-accommodating nature leaves her tied in knots at times, but they each have the wisdom to see clear the small stuff. Even when all else fails, they defend each other through moments that would see harder hearts nagging and deepening hurts.

The mellow light through the leaves of the forest, and hints at the unavoidable problems of the simplest industrial community, make these storybook endings the reason we need to reflect on being better tomorrow. So much like the bedtime fairytales of childhood memory, they take us back to those instinctive questions of learning to be kind, figuring out how we can best love others. Our world being gentle, peaceful and magical leans on the smallest things, after all. And our most powerful lessons were learned when that world of ours was only small.

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3 Comments on Why watch … Hakumei and Mikochi?

  1. When I first start to watch it, I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest I thought it would be one of the first show I would have dropped. But six episode later, I’m still really enjoying the show, when I watch it , it make me feel good inside. I really like the visual and the detailed background.

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    • Elisabeth O'Neill // February 14, 2018 at 15:18 // Reply

      This was pretty much our experience to a T as well. It was Mayatorium’s first impressions piece that convinced us to give it a go, but we still weren’t sure, and man were we proved wrong. It’s so warm and healing, one of the best anime for feeling better right away.

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  2. Juan Martinez // October 7, 2019 at 07:23 // Reply

    Oh, it looks a good anime.


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