Lyrics for lovers: our favourite anime love songs

Anime Love artwork for 'Anime Love' by Neotokio3

Sometimes, just a few lyrics can perfectly encapsulate something you never even knew you wanted to say. A song shared with someone you love can tie those words or that melody to that person for life, no matter the time or distance apart. Through this same power, music can give anime a resonance with our lives, and bond us to those special people with whom we share our otaku nerdiness. It’s no different for us at the blog, still going strong after all these years. So this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to celebrate our love for each other and you, our friends and readers, with a list of our favourite anime love songs.

Kiznaiver – ‘Lay Your Hands on Me’, Boom Boom Satellites

This simplest of sentiments attained an even more heavenly resonance with the passing of Boom Boom Satellites’ vocalist and guitarist Michiyuki Kawashima. As we learn more about the cast of Kiznaiver, and how their bond helps them move on from pain and self-deception, this song at the start of every episode breaks through clouds of suffering to brightness and redemption.

Black Butler – ‘Monochrome no Kiss’, SID

Sexy. Black Butler drips with gothic eroticism, and this opening theme is a perfect match. Pain shared is pain intensified, coloured, made more beautiful. When we can confess our hurts, we can enshrine them in one another and begin to heal. Ah, but I’m getting carried away here. Just take it, SID.

NANA – ‘A little pain’, Olivia Lufkin

This song, to me, is one for soulmates; lovers with such a bond that they know, however life tries to pull them apart, they will find their way back together. NANA is an anime raised to new emotional heights by its rocking and soul-wrecking soundtrack. But as the first ending theme, this starry sky-gazing ballad closes early episodes with a pre-emptive echo of heartache still to come.

BECK – ‘Moon on the Water’, Beat Crusaders

Sung so enchantingly here by BECK‘s Maho and Koyuki, by words alone this is a break-up song, but one of love’s realities is that we will each have those days of feeling distant. The need, then, is to try and remember why your time with them has given some of the best memories of your life. To remember that, because they’ve been by your side all these years, you’re stronger. We’ve all been fools in love. Let this song forgive you.

Hunter x Hunter – ‘Hyori Ittai’, Yuzu  

The rough translation of this song’s title is ‘two sides of the same coin’, and its surging, keening chorus evokes the need to be with the one who is both your reflection and completion. It’s a beautiful link to Hunter x Hunter’s friendships, at purest power between Gon and Killua. We all know that love’s not restricted to romance, meaning much more when someone knows the shadows of your soul.

All five of these love songs have come to mean something special to us, in part through their connection to the anime we adore together. But which are the ones that shine light on the love in your life, and why? We want to hear your songs too.

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  1. You could easily have included the entire Nana soundtrack. Great post!


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