Dragon Ball Super - Bulma

As Super winds down, Vegeta and Bulma are taking ad work plugging a Dragon Ball bath cleaner. Vegeta’s Japanese voice still sounds like the old Ryo Horikawa, but it’s his long-suffering bride Bulma who’s been causing the biggest stir.

Since Bulma’s voice actor Hiromi Tsuru suddenly passed away last year, it’s to be expected that the search would be on for the character’s next seiyu. After all the commotion surrounding the change-up, it’s now been clarified that the actor in the ad below, Aya Hisakawa, is officially the master inventor’s new voice.

Hisakawa previously voiced Sailor Moon’s Sailor Mercury and Cardcaptor Sakura’s Kerberos, as well as a character named Chiko in the distant days of Dragon Ball Z. She will make her Dragon Ball Super debut in this weekend’s episode 128, titled ‘Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta Falls!!’

A preview has been released for episode 128, where you can have another quick listen to Hisakawa’s take on Bulma. Tsuru’s loss is still raw for many, but what do you think of this new voice? We wish Hisakawa the best in this role that holds so much demand from fans.

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It’s nice to see that they found someone to replace Hiromi Tsuru. Still, I bet even the avid fans prefer the old voice.