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Happy Saturday, happy round-up, and hugs all around. We hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s Days, and even if not, found some warmth and happiness in anime and comfort food. This week, we bring you the cast of the live-action My Brother’s Husband being adorable, the new Japanese voice of our beloved Bulma, and the pieces we most enjoyed from you. So come on, let’s share the love.


Dragon Ball’s Bulma officially recast

Dragon Ball Super - Bulma

After the sad and sudden passing of Hiromi Tsuru, the Dragon Ball anime franchise has found it’s new Bulma. And it is…

Sword Art Online live-action series bought by Netflix

Sword Art Online

After a long sleep mode since the live-action Sword Art Online series got announced, there’s been rumblings in the database now the show has been bought by Netflix.

Alita: Battle Angel movie pushed back to December

Alita - Battle Angel
Alita has hit a slight snag in rebooting, and so James Cameron’s Alita: Battle Angel has been pushed back.

Bleach animation director Hiroki Takagi passes away

Even since its ending, Bleach has been a constant in the hearts of otaku everywhere. It’s the same for us, so we’re sad to bring news that Bleach animation director Hiroki Takagi has passed away.

My Brother’s Husband drama gets first glimpse of cast in character

My Brother's Husband vol. 1

On a happier note, for Valentine’s Day we got our first look at the live-action My Brother’s Husband cast kitted out as their characters. Can we get an aww?

Blog spotlights

Here’s where we wrap up the posts we’re proud of from this week, just for you! Let’s see what we’ve got…

Dear Hollywood, leave Cowboy Bebop alone

Dear Hollywood, leave Cowboy Bebop alone

We’re on our knees here, Tinseltown. Stop scrubbing over anime until there’s nothing left of the originals we love. Pretty please?

Lyrics for lovers: our favourite anime love songs

Anime Love

Here, dear friends, is our love list for Valentine’s, counting down the anime songs that have touched our hearts the deepest.

Cool stuff from around the we(e)b

It’s time to take a look back over a few of the internet’s finest fist-pump moments and bulletins from this week. What made you smile or brightened your day? Tell us your own cool moments!

Pokémon theme gets the very best metal cover

Pride, camaraderie, gunning to be the best. What could be more metal than Pokémon? (Kidding. Sorta.) Original theme singer Jason Paige teamed up with geeky musician Jonathan Young to perform a metal version of the song still stuck in our heads. And somehow, Paige’s well-honed pipes are even more impressive when he blasts them while wearing a Pikachu onesie.

Japanese school introduces LGBT-inclusive uniform code

To give its LGBTQ students greater freedom of self-expression, Kashiwanoha Junior High in Chibe Prefecture is welcoming a mix-and-match approach to its traditional uniform. Any student, of any gender, can wear a tie or an ascot bow, trousers or a skirt, starting from the new school year of April 2018. This made us so happy to see, and we’re hoping Kashiwanoha inspires more schools to do the same.

Your posts

Aww you guys, you really got us feeling the love this week. Let us pay tribute with a Your Posts segment dedicated to all your pieces as sweet as hearts, flowers and chocolates mixed together in one lovely love potion.

Beneath the Tangles – Hiro and 002: Deal with the Devil – Starting it off on the stranger side of love, TWWK presents an intriguing argument for the hidden depths of soul-truth to the poor decisions of Darling in the FranXX. Recently, we’ve come to admire how this writer weaves personal experience into anime analysis, leading to very astute essays.

The Lily Garden – The Importance (?) of Kissing in Yuri Anime – This snappy insight into the many meanings and implications of a kiss in yuri got us remembering episode six of citrus and its first consensual(!) kiss. We agree that kisses should be treated as the special expressions of closeness they are. It’s never ‘just a kiss’.

The Moyatorium – 7 Yandere Songs to Listen to If You’re in Need of Some Love – Here’s a fun one from Moya, if you’re a yandere who finds that you love so much it hurts…your darling dearest, that is. But seriously, put away those instruments of torture. The contents of this list are not to be replicated at home, or anywhere you happen to stalk your amour.

Two Happy Cats – An Otaku’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day – If you didn’t get chance on Valentine’s Day, there’s still chance to show yourself some love. This piece from a dear blogging friend has some excellent suggestions of anime and games that’ll give you that warm fuzzy feeling. You know you deserve it.

Manga Toritsukareru Koto – Continue, Don’t Quit: You Are Not in This Alone  We featured this admirable project initiated by Auri last round-up, offering any bloggers who might need it a listening ear. But last time, shamefully, we forgot one of its wonderful volunteers. Raistlin is one of those people who always has a kind and insightful word, so if ever your day could do with brightening, you need look no further than this guy.

We’re sure that, in this wonderful bundle, you found something that warmed your heart enough to see you through to Monday morning. This guaranteed, or your money back as soon as we catch up with you next week. Until then, sending much love!

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I am surprised that SAO will be on Netflix


Thanks so much for your incredibly kind words about me 😊 It really means a lot, so really thank you 😀
A lot of great posts this week by a lot of my favorite bloggers! 😀


Thank you for featuring my post!! Wow what a fantastic step by Kashiwanoha Junior High! I hope other schools begin to follow this initiative.


Great round up. I would have loved it my high school had taken a similar approach to uniforms.


Nice round up. Some great posts here and a couple I missed and need to go check out.

Remy Fool

Great round-up as always. Thanks for sharing my post!