Dragon Ball FighterZ

You might already be spoilt for choice in Dragon Ball FighterZ with 24 fighting characters at your command, but Bandai Namco still have bigger plans. The game will soon be adding eight further warriors as DLC, and gaming magazine V-Jump has given the first glimpse of roster additions to come.

If our review of The Broly Trilogy of films got you feeling nostalgic, you’ll be glad to hear the Legendary Super Saiyan will be bringing his muscle to the game. A character trailer was released to introduce Broly and his earthshaking moves in advance of his addition to FighterZ.

Broly will be joined by Goku’s father Bardock, who’s been previewed in a quick clip, as well as the mysterious six others still to be revealed. For another look, Bandai Namco have also revealed some screenshots of the two champions testing their strength.

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According to Gematsu’s report, a sneak peek of Broly’s special attack, Gigantic Meteor, describes it as an energy ball (or as we like to call it, the Saiyan special) that uses three Ki gauges for its power. Bardock, on the other hand, comes armed with Revenger Assault, which transforms him into a Super Saiyan for a speedy charge.

Broly will be a wish come true for many players, being a fan favourite since the Dragon Ball Z movie Broly – Legendary Super Saiyan was released in Japan in 1993. But with those six spaces still remaining, who will you be gathering your Dragon Balls for next?

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This is easily the most accurate and amazing DBZ game they’ve come out with to date. Every interaction displays even the most subtle relationships between characters. I can’t wait to see what they do with Broly!