Love, acceptance, anime: an LGBT History Month round-up

Sailor Moon Crystal - Uranus and Neptune

This LGBT History Month brought the whole aniblogging community together to celebrate queerness in anime. LGBTQ inclusion and acceptance is a matter that’s close and personal to both of us here at the blog, and so we’ve experienced many wonderful moments in sharing this month with all of you.

Thank you for your comments and feedback on our posts, and for all of your upbeat, personal and powerful writing. We feel so lucky to have become part of a such a creative community, which supports and believes in love, for everyone. And so, we wanted to share our thanks with this round-up of the month’s reflections on that most basic right, from our corner of the bloggingverse to yours.

All for love: five heroic queer couples in anime

Revolutionary Girl Utena

All of these lovers are fighters and heroes in our eyes. We hope you come away from this list with some new idols of your very own.

Sweetness and citrus: the mystery of yuri’s male audience

In this quickfire piece, we questioned whether citrus is really respectful to a queer female audience. However, it was brought to our attention that yuri lewdness isn’t necessarily a mark of anti-lesbianism, inspiring us to revisit the issue with…

Revisiting citrus: an anime for queer women


Rounding up some astute opinions on citrus from yuri fans, we took some time to reconsider it as a show for the girls, queer or otherwise. And in fact, as the show goes on, we’re warming to this thought more and more.

Only a phase: doomed queerness in anime

Kiznaiver - Maki and Ruru

So many anime restrict queer love to high-school tragedy, but there is hope as more shows let LGBTQ relationships blossom into adulthood.

The everyday heroism of anime’s non-binary characters


And finally, in our keystone feature for the month, we explored how NB people can see their everyday struggles and victories represented in anime.

Now, to bring it over to you. Your writing kept us inspired through LGBTQ History Month’s entirety. But not only that; your words enlightened us to new perspectives, broadened our knowledge and, some days, simply made us smile to be surrounded by such witty, compassionate and talented writers. Read up and enjoy our favourite pieces from beyond littleanimeblog.

Tiny Ugly Animal – They/Them – It Is Important – This is a powerfully personal look at why it’s so important that the gender non-binary is represented in manga and anime, as it is in Land of the Lustrous. Lina wrote so boldly and bravely about discovery that they are a ‘they’ that we have to credit them for our own NB piece a more emotionally resonant one.

Welcome to Hell Zone – [Mid-season review] Citrus is good…kind of? Sort of? Maybe? – Jenn takes us barrelling through why citrus is actually pretty darn good, as well as why Yuzu has grown to be quite the strong character for standing her ground, and demanding sexual agency.

Anime Feminist – DEVILMAN crybaby, legacies of queerness, and diversifying remakes – We’re still reeling a little over this excellent piece from Vrai Kaiser. It gave us new ways to appreciate DEVILMAN crybaby, as a work which leverages the taboo to explore true love, and lets queer characters feel pain without becoming the ‘tragic gay’ trope.

The Lily Garden – The Importance (?) of Kissing in Yuri Anime – The power of a kiss holds even more weight when it’s between queer lovers. Remy gives us cause to reflect on why yuri relationships should never be devalued by the assumption that it’s ‘just a kiss’.

GrimmGirl – My Husband Reacts to… Yuri!!! on ICE – Here’s a really fun one from Kat, about her husband’s reactions to the deep feels of Yuri!!! on ICE. We love how huge a supporter he became of Yuri, and of his relationship with Victor. Sometimes, it’s the little things.

Once again, thank you for sharing this month of acceptance, recognition and belonging with us. It’s made us remember how happy we are to be otaku, and part of a community that so naturally champions friendship and cultural unity. We are so proud to be two among you. Love to you all.

1 Comment on Love, acceptance, anime: an LGBT History Month round-up

  1. This is a really nice tribute for LGBTQ History Month! Thank you so much for including me, and I’m excited to read up on all these great posts I missed.


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