Taking a bite of anime’s after-school snacks

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No matter how bad the school day has been, whether rejected by a crush, your club on the brink of closure or keeping your supernatural double life hidden against all odds, a feel-good snack can come to the rescue in record time. Anime is a veritable menu of choice nibbles […]


The comfort and companionship of AI in anime

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In time, artificial intelligence could make our art, provide our services, and learn our means of thought. It will alter the nature of creativity, relationships and life itself. All while it slowly becomes invisible to the naked eye, walking among us as any other human would, their features and even […]

Kids on the Slope

The odd couple: our favourite unlikely anime friendships

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Friendship doesn’t always make perfect sense on the surface. Many a time, it’s only in reflecting on where we’ve been and how we’ve grown together that we realise why our bonds have stayed so strong. Despite the ridiculous arguments and petty differences, the obstacles overcome keep true friends connected across […]

Paradise Kiss - Yukari and George

My Favourite Anime: Paradise Kiss

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In this installment of My Favourite Anime, Stephanie of Dear Anime shares why she loves Paradise Kiss for its profound character arcs and lessons in failure. Sometimes, reality is more mysterious than fiction. This show teaches us how to ride the waves. I love anime for its kaleidoscope of worlds—each at […]

Dragon Ball Z Fusion Reborn - Gogeta vs Janemba

Review: Dragon Ball Z Movie Collection 6 – Fusion Reborn / Wrath of the Dragon

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A spiritual waste spill at the check-in point between Heaven and Hell sets the evil dead free to walk among the living. So commences this film duette’s final all-killer-no-filler flourish, beginning with Fusion Reborn in the last of the Dragon Ball Z Movie Collections. As the dearly departed, vampires and […]

Cardcaptor Sakura - Clear Card

Revival reveries: our top five anime that need a sequel

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Who would have thought we’d be hanging out with Cardcaptor Sakura again, after all this time? It’s a special feeling to be reunited with a show and characters that meant so much to so many of us in our younger otaku years. The trouble is, this ecstatic return has opened […]