Poem: Divine intervention

God-like and fragile, the boy Shun
gave his lips to man and woman,
whose touch he knew but couldn’t grasp.

Spectral in darkness in wait,
him awake and slumbered, living yet lifeless,
nothing and other.

Brave Shun behind a white mask,
a doll’s face blank but for
the serenity of surrender.

Born of fear and martyred
this poor boy who loved and hungered
devoured by demons, karmic unseen.

About Dominic (130 Articles)
Journalist, blogger and father. Usually found in a Star Wars or anime tee-shirt. Obsessions include epic fantasy and model spaceships.

1 Comment on Poem: Divine intervention

  1. Cheezburgerman // December 11, 2019 at 02:06 // Reply

    Yo.thats deep bro


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