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Wonder of wonders, we’ve had honest-to-goodness snow over here in Blighty! But we didn’t let that slow down our blogging game. You see, we’re just that dedicated to you guys. So we have a new Classics Corner, anime’s lessons in healthy social media use and, as always, our favourite posts from you. But before that, first things first – here’s this week’s news updates.


Chihayafuru renewed for third season in 2019


Next year will be a time to dream of becoming a karuta champion, as Chihayafuru is confirmed to return for a third season.

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis announces premiere

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Die Neue These

Production I.G’s new anime series for The Legend of the Galactic Heroes has announced its premiere for April 3rd this year.

Bakemonogatari gets manga adaptation from Air Gear artist Oh! great

Bakemonogatari manga art by Oh! great
NisiOisin’s Bakemonogatari is getting a manga nine years in the wake of the anime’s release in 2009. But which artist could be up to such a surreal task? Well…

Tokyo 2020 Olympics unveil adorable mascots

Tokyo 2020 Olympic mascots

Meet the mascots for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics – two superheroes, one pink, one blue, both cute and here to fight for love and justice.

Blog spotlights

Here’s where we wrap up the posts we’re proud of from this week, just for you! Let’s see what we’ve got…

Smartphones and social media positivity in anime

Laid-Back Camp - Nadeshiko

The key to a healthy relationship with social media is treating it as a wonder, and you can look to anime like laid-Back Camp as your guide.

Classics corner: Black Butler

Black Butler - Ciel's mark of contract

We adore this series; it lets us embrace our freaky side. Can you believe it’s ten years old? It’s aged magnificently.

Cool stuff from around the we(e)b

It’s time to take a look back over a few of the internet’s finest fist-pump moments and bulletins from this week. What made you smile or brightened your day? Tell us your own cool moments!

One Piece’s first original picture book released, is adorable

Shonen Jump publishers Shueisha have released the cutest piece of official One Piece reading ever created. It’s a children’s picture book with mangaka Eiichiro Oda’s blessing, titled One Piece Light and Darkness: The Story of Luffy, Ace and Sabo. We love the style Shinsaku Nagata uses to illustrate the three characters’ first meeting, like finger painting meets Oda’s special brand of weird. 10/10 would get for our daughter, if we ever see an English translation.

Virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai makes the leap to TV

Kizuna Ai has become YouTube’s biggest virtual star. In fact, big enough to break out of her online box and onto TV screens. Her very own variety show, Kizuna Ai’s BEAT Scramble, will air from April 6th in Japan, the first of its kind to be hosted by a virtual character. First, the airwaves. Then, the world.

Your posts

What can we say? You’ve all been up to your usual standard of wonderful writing. It’s safe to say we were spoilt for choice, but here’s the posts we wanted to make sure got a shout. Do be sure to check them all out!

100 Word Anime – Girls’ Last Tour Series Review: Don’t Let The Moe Characters Fool You – In her review of Girls’ Last Tour, Karandi teaches us a valuable lesson. Never underestimate the moe. We see these girls grow through the hell they’ve found themselves in, resulting in boundless and stunning personal narratives for the two leads.

Atelier Emily – Atsuko Ishizuka’s Clever Use of Social Media in A Place Further Than the Universe – AJ takes us on a journey through the flow of social media in A Place Further Than the Universe, showing us how it highlights the emotional realities of its characters. A great piece for picking up on the detailed directorial grace of this series.

Reasons to Anime – 3 Reasons To Watch: Akira – Casper writes a brilliant and focused distillation of what makes Akira so worth watching. And rewatching, and rewatching. But hey dude, don’t be down on yourself for enjoying body horror. If there’s anything we know, in part from Elfen Lied, it’s that even gore can give way to a gorgeous narrative.

Anime B&B – The Big, Little Lives of Hakumei and Mikochi – Marina puts a magnifying glass to the details of Hakumei and Mikochi which make it such a rewarding watch. This piece gets special props for noticing the political equality that makes its utopia, and the small-town ways that show us the simple joys of community.

With that, thank you all for keeping us warm with your ongoing support. We’re not used to this level of cold in the UK, so we might not have made it without you. Thankfully, the snow seems to have made its exit. Come check up on us on Monday. We should still be here.


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