Masashi Kishimoto’s post-Naruto manga is a set-in-stone serialisation, it’s been confirmed by Weekly Shonen Jump editor-in-chief Hiroyuki Nakano. At a Tokyo press conference held on Monday (March 5th) Nakano announced that the new work is in progress, but otherwise left it at that.

We do know that the manga will be a sci-fi story, as Kishimoto himself described his project at New York Comic Con 2015. He said he’d already designed the characters, and that “Since Naruto was a bigger hit than I could ever imagine, I’d like to aim for the next hit”. But this would only after he took a break for his ten-years-overdue honeymoon and to spend time with his son, who by then had “grown as big as Boruto”.

But now, we can finally start looking forward to this brand new story in earnest. We’ve missed Naruto since his journey ended after 15 years in 2014, but we’re sure this manga will bring a whole new cast of friends we want to see attain their dreams.

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It’s hard to imagine how a mangaka who’s been so busy he skipped his honeymoon for 10 years can jump right back into a new manga so soon! Well, I guess it’s been a few years. Respectable ambitions and passion nevertheless…