Sarazanmai - Kunihiko Ikuhara

The first real details of Kunihiko Ikuhara’s new anime project are taking shape. During a Nico Nico Douga livestream of his series Revolutionary Girl Utena, it was revealed that the studio MAPPA team-up is titled Sarazanmai, and will premiere in Japan in 2019.

Lapintrack tags in to co-produce with MAPPA, now famed for being the studio that brought us Yuri!!! On ICE. Both studios previously worked with Ikuhara on 2015’s Yurikuma Arashi. Besides that and the opening of a teaser site and official Twitter, little else is known. But then, there are these two teaser trailers.

The first video released keeps its meaning closely guarded, but there are hints to be interpreted from the text and narration. It tells us:

“Even if everything is gone and this world becomes empty. I tell you the truth. You are connected, but you are still alone. Don’t let it go. Desire is your life.”

The second is no less cryptic, the blue clues instead reading:

“Am I a lie, is the world a lie, are we a lie? We are connected, but I hate it. But I want it. Who is the person with strong desire? Don’t let it go. Desire is your life.”

And as for the third…well, now this is getting a little bit cruel. Why does this clue make us sad? We still don’t know:

“Cross that river. Because you will never be able to return. Even if everything passes by and the world becomes empty… I want to protect this bond. Don’t let it go, desire is your life.”

We’ve got chills, but we’re still not quite sure why. What do you think all this could mean?

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