Strike the Blood

Strike the Blood will be taking another bite of the vampire fantasy action in a third OVA series announced at the Dengeki Game Festival 2018 event. Strike the Blood III (or Third) has officially been green-lit with a short promo video, which you are free to watch though it can’t be legitimately embedded at this time.

This season of the anime based on Gakuto Mikumo’s original light novels will cover up to the end of the Holy War (Seisen) arc. This will mark the TV series reaching the end of Mikumo’s first arc, which concluded in volume 15 of the novels that first launched in 2011.

The first anime series directed by Hideo Yamamoto, with animation by SILVER LINK and CONNECT, aired in 2013. The same team made the 2015 Kingdom of the Valkyria OVA, and the 2017 Strike the Blood II OVA. Crunchyroll streamed the 2013 anime as it aired in Japan, and they describe its story as follows:

The fourth Progenitor is the most powerful vampire once thought to exist only in the world of legends. Yet when it appears in Japan, the government for some reason chooses an apprentice “sword shaman”, Yukina Himeragi, to observe and obliterate it. Bewildered by the disproportionate task and its specific details, Yukina arrives at the Demon District of Itogami-jima to watch Akatsuki Kojo, and a student at a private high school on Itogami-jima.

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i need to get on this.


I still haven’t seen the second OVA to this, which I probably should do at some point. I didn’t mind the series but also wasn’t hugely into it. I did however just start the light novel series and the first book was pretty good.