Lupin III Part 5

Our thief of hearts Lupin III is heading to la belle France this spring, and so a new promo is slinking our way to introduce a new character. Voiced by Inori Minase, otherwise known as Re:ZERO‘s Rem, the brilliant hacker Ami Enan taps in to say “Hello, underworld” in the video below, so do check it out.

As you’ll see featured above, the new visual for Lupin III Part 5 by Hisao Yobori brings Ami in with the old gang of Lupin, Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko. Character designer Yobori wanted to draw our attention to that monocle on the master thief, which some may recognise as a link back to Maurice Leblanc’s original Arsène Lupin character.

The series will premiere on April 3rd, Part 4 director Yuichiro Yano returning to direct. Scriptwriter Ichiro Okouchi of Code Geass is working beside him to bring Lupin to the modern day, where he will get to grips with smartphone and web tech, as well as his old faithful guns and cars. After all, he’s smart enough to know the benefits of a smartphone, but knows where a classic touch is still the best cource for larceny.

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I seen Part 4 from Toonami and I really love Lupin III anime. Lupin is pretty goofy and clever. I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures he will go through in France in part 5.