For the first time since Noein: to your other self, Kazuki Akane is working on a new original anime. The director of the majestic mecha series Escaflowne tweeted that he is the creator of the original work, as well as taking on scriptwriting and directorial duties.

At the centre of the anime will be a group of kids on the rocky road of puberty. Coming from studio 8-Bit of Encouragement of Climb, and counting in Akane’s work on Code Geass: Akito the Exiled, the emotional realities and drama of that strangest time in our lives are sure to be all present and correct in this series.

The key characters designed by illustrator Itsuka have been previewed ahead of the show even getting its title, so for now this is the clearest view we have of the show’s mood and feel. The dreamy watercolour haze of the images above really capture the fragile confusion of coming of age, don’t you think?

The staff are now working on the storyboards for the first “episode” in the project. Going by that detail it seems set up to be a series, but we’ll have to wait and see for further info as it arrives.

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Escaflowne had been one of my greatest anime influences and I still can’t move on of how tragic Folken’s fate was. Anyway, this new project looks very promising and seriously enticing. Hands down, I should see this.


Ah, so exciting! Noein and Escalflowne are two of my favorites series.


Wigs off, it’s great seeing them invest more in original anime, especially from someone that made Escaflowne! Looking forward to this being great, I love the watercolor look~