From the very beginning, littleanimeblog was founded as a labour of love. Two professional writers wanted a platform to share their thoughts and opinions on anime. Little did we know then that it would evolve in quite the way it has.

Now that we’re raising our daughter, it’s become obvious that littleanimeblog can’t continue in its current form. Working a full-time job, commitments to other projects and raising a kid means that time available to work on the site is shrinking. As much as we love researching, writing and sharing pieces with you all, the ends don’t justify the means. We’ve had some success in monetising the site, but not consistently or enough to cover overheads or support ourselves.

For that reason, we will no longer be publishing editorials, poetry or lists. We will only continue posting reviews, in a gesture of goodwill to Manga UK, MVM and Anime Limited who continue to provide us with review materials.

The only way we can continue as before is by making enough money from the site to reduce work hours and reliance on other projects. So, if you’d consider supporting us via Patreon, or other means, let us know in the comments. The future of littleanimeblog is in your hands.

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Hang in there and good luck with your daughter. Looking forward to the new direction of the blog, I’m sure it’ll be just as good as ever. Take care 💗


Better than an outright termination.